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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Investing Strategies

5 Real Estate Investing Strategies Service Members Need To Know

Real Estate Investing Strategies In the military, we lead super busy lives and are not always privileged with the time to study and learn the secrets of the most of the most successful real estate investors. This causes us to go with the status quo and think that the only

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VA Home Loan
VA Loan

Veterans Make Millions from the VA Home Loan

VA Home Loan Today I would like to focus on the VA Home Loan and how you can maximize this benefit to make yourself a multi-millionaire! This is a process I have done and know from experience that it works! I have outlined the process in detail below so that

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Rental Properties
Business Tips

The 3 Reasons to Own Rental Properties Within an LLC

If you want to be a military real estate investor Rental Properties Can help you, you need to protect yourself. Most people never think about investing within a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Years ago, I definitely thought it was not necessary. In my imagination, it was an incredibly difficult process

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