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      ADPI Has Created Powerful Education, Resources, and a Strong Community To Help Military Families Grow Their Passive Income and Wealth.

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Investing Strategies
2_1 buydown
Investing Strategies

2/1 Buydown – What is it and how it works?

Today, we’re delving into the world of home financing, focusing specifically on a mortgage option that might just offer the flexibility you’ve been looking for: the 2/1 Buydown. As military personnel, you face unique circumstances, frequent relocations being one, and we understand that financial flexibility is paramount in your housing

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Mortgage Rate lock and rate lock extension fees
Investing Strategies

Mortgage Rate Lock and Rate Lock Extension Fees

Mortgage rate lock and rate lock extension fees are important variables future homeowners should know about, especially with the current fluctuations of housing interest rates.  A mortgage rate lock is a commitment by a lender to provide a borrower with a specific interest rate for a certain period during the

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Buy and hold real estate strategy
Investing Strategies

Buy and Hold Real Estate Strategy

Welcome, fellow real estate enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the world of buy and hold real estate investing, a long-term investment strategy that aims to generate recurring rental income and build wealth over time. As a potential investor, you might be asking yourself a few questions. How does this strategy

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Risk Tolerance in Real Estate
Business Tips

Risk Tolerance in Real Estate – Guide to Real Estate Risk Tolerance

Risk Tolerance in real estate is an important factor to consider when you are looking to start from scratch or further your real estate investments. Hello, fellow real estate investors! Today, we will be discussing an essential topic for any successful career in real estate: risk tolerance. As you plan

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Know How Fair Housing Laws Work
Single Family

How to Screen Tenants – Tenant Screening Process Guide

Screening tenants can be a huge lift for someone who is just starting out with their rentals. Time and the right tools can be extremely helpful.  When you are looking to place someone in your rental, look around at the area and what you liked about the property that drove

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Investing Strategies

DSCR Loan – Requirements, Where to Get And How To Apply

DSCR, Debt Service Coverage Ratio loans can be an incredibly useful tool for an investor who wants to qualify using the property’s potential vs their own credit. Now of course that doest come without some requirements applied by the banks but as long as the asset meets the DSCR requirements

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