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Our Mission: Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing for Those Who Serve and their Families.




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Are you in the military and want to start Real Estate Investing?

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"My passion is teaching military and veterans how to use their VA Benefits and Real Estate Investing to accelerate their path towards financial freedom and exponential wealth growth."

Markian Sich
Founder / CEO

"I intend to take everything to the next level when it comes to the value that everyone receives from anything we produce. Get to know me twice a week as the host of our Active Duty Passive Income podcast!"

Mike Foster
Director of Education

"I will get you to your first or next investment property no matter what stage of investing you are in. I love connecting new investors to healthy, passive investments."

Eric Upchurch
Investment Chief

"I was stuck in analysis paralysis for way too long, but it led me to skip the single-family route and save up enough money to jump right into apartments! Watch my videos and track my journey as I give you a glimpse behind the scenes!"

Adam La Barr
Multifamily Education Chief

"I started investing in Real Estate back in 2011 when I purchased my first single family residence... since then, I have analyzed hundreds of multi-family properties and have built an incredible network of real estate professionals and looks forward to acquiring 5,000 multi-family units within the next three years."

Tim Kelly
Financial Freedom and Syndication Chief

Passive Military Real Estate Investing

How To Earn $10,000 a Month While in The Military with Real Estate Investing

Military Retirement Calculator - Real Estate Style

Get a glimpse into your financial future with real estate investing and actually see how soon you will reach your financial freedom number! 
You already know that real estate investing is the best way to grow your wealth and generate passive income through cashflow, but how can you take the complexity of compounding and recycling cashflow to buy more rental properties? What will that look like in the future? What will your income and equity be at any given month or year in the future?

Who is Active Duty Passive Income For?

  • Those who love the military and everything it has provided for them.
  • Those who do not want to be scrambling financially when the day comes to transition back into the civilian world.
  • Those who want to learn how to invest in Real Estate while still keeping their military job as their priority.
  • Those who want to learn about the best turnkey real estate investing opportunities.
  • Those who are sick of “get rich quick schemes,” and truly want to learn to grow their wealth and start investing while in the Military the REAL way.
  • Those who need a good resource, community, and a step by step checklist guide for where to start and how to move forward with Real Estate Investing.
  • Those who want to achieve financial freedom through PASSIVE INCOME by investing in real estate.

  • Those who want to learn from a community of like-minded military active duty, veterans, retired, and their spouses.

  • Those who want to establish their own financial strategy by building confidence through real estate education.

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