Veterans Day Gratitude

Nov 10, 2019

Veterans Day


As my unit motto states, “Service…is a calling only a few will answer, and when the impossible has been accomplished, the only reward is another mission no one else will try.”


Today, Veterans Day, we honor veterans across the US – both alive and past. Why?


Their military service is a sacrifice; to family, friends and country. 


When you retire or separate, the sacrifice, or the fact that you and your family did sacrifice, continues…but it may look different now. 


Many of you know of Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI) and what we do with helping vets and service members create additional streams of income. But I wanted to introduce a newer effort we are getting off the ground, called ADPI HELPS (Helping Everyone Live Post Stress).


If you heard me talking with Grant Cardone on his show or on ours, you know we believe real estate investing is about more than making money. More than financial freedom. More than giving. What about SAVING LIVES!? 


ADPI will be supporting the PTSD and Addiction effort for veterans through an online blog series, private communications with those who need it and monthly video conference calls that will host professional speakers across many fields, to discuss topics that can help veterans cope and thrive as civilians. This is already an amazing effort. Our mission and motto: “Save One Life”. And we have.


More vets are killing themselves after the war than are dying in battle - and we see it happening every week. The ADPI team will not only be doing our best on the personal accountability side, but with PROFESSIONAL development of our constituents. 


You see, when service members are still active, it can be fast-paced, exhilarating and you really do build life-long relationships, teams and camaraderie. We used to know where to be, when. We knew what to look like and how to dress. We were trained to proficiency so we could expect an outcome in any given situation, and we were rewarded for a job well done. 


But when we exit service, without a new target and no “mission” to focus on...we lose momentum, lose that “dopamine hit”, and lose sense of REAL purpose. We lose the team. We lose those pats on the back. We no longer have the thrill that comes from serotonin, dopamine, or other natural exhilarants. 


Everything in the “civilian world” can seem so insignificant. We get lost quickly in unrelatable circumstances. We can doubt our personal worth, direction and purpose.


But it doesn’t have to be that way! Real Estate and the grind of finding success became my outlet - my new target. And the best news is that ALL vets can find theirs! 


As long as you are breathing, you have purpose. ADPI will hold vets accountable, can show vets how to build online businesses, how to succeed and find meaning after service.


PLEASE BE HAPPY YOU ARE ALIVE TODAY! All your struggles are a blessing in disguise. The obstacle is the way. You deserve a life of abundance and it is within your reach. 


Today, we honor veterans for their sacrifice both during and after service. Your service to this wonderful country may or may not be done, but your service to family, friends, teammates and your community is just getting started!


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