The Right Direction for Goal Achievement

Oct 21, 2020

Goal Focus

Just like me, you must have been setting goals for a successful life. From my personal experience, I can confirm that goal achievement comes from following various strategies that you have to implement with the doses of will-power and motivation.

Keep reading my experience and strategies that you may apply to your life to improve your health and work performance.

The Wrong Approach toward Goals

We often dream of big goals in our life and try to achieve them. However, we commit a mistake at the first step of setting the goal-- followed by the deadlines. Instead, we should set up schedules or processes for achievement. Just like me, you may have been in despair many times when you fail to meet the deadline for the goal achievement.

It would have been better if we had set a schedule and not a deadline. Instead of giving ourselves a deadline to fulfill a particular goal, we should choose a process that we can comply with and then work steadily toward goal achievement. The focus should be on compliance with the process and not meeting the final target/goal.

I have learned that achieving goals is a journey, and if you focus on the result alone-- you would fail miserably.

James Clear’s Atomic Habit Book at My Rescue

I gained my goal achievement strategy after going through James Clear’s book and articles. I learned that non-achievement of the goals should not discourage, disheartened, or force you to change your life direction. After reading the author's thoughts, I now know that changing your focus on the activities--and tracking those activities--is a better pathway for the achievement of the goals.

Because you're human, sticking to your schedule every time is not possible. However, that should not discourage or deter you from following it the next time.

From the book, I learned to focus on practice and not performance. Consistent progress towards your goal does not happen by setting a deadline for your achievement. Alternatively, try sticking to the schedule so that you stay more productive in your practice.

I have realized that even though the final result or your goal achievement may be far away, you can still feel good and relaxed if you keep practicing consistently and maintain discipline by focusing on your activities.

Schedules Are Your Friend

I have realized that schedules are my best friend rather than the goal deadline. With a schedule, you never know when the stroke of genius will happen that can help you set new standards or records of success. Not all days are the same--but those who strive for success consistently do achieve it.

As you know, "Practice makes perfect."

Love Your Goals


Nowhere have I suggested that goals are useless. Goals are great for planning your progress, and schedules are beneficial for actually making progress. Implementing your activities help bridge the gap between goals and schedules.

Our goals inspire us to follow set schedules each day.


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