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      ADPI Has Created Powerful Education, Resources, and a Strong Community To Help Military Families Grow Their Passive Income and Wealth.

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Real Estate Investing Blog

Travis Cripps
Success Stories

Investor Profile of Travis Cripps -How I Got Paid to Go to College

Have you heard the news? There is a student loan crisis in the United States! According to Forbes.com, Americans collectively owe 1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt. I believe young people looking to grow their futures and build careers are going in the wrong direction. For those that want

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mr money mustache
Success Stories

Suze Orman and Mr. Money Mustache are both WRONG

Contributed by Chad Payton I’m assuming that you have read the recent exchanges between Suze Orman and Mr. Money Mustache on the topic of the FIRE movement. I tend to be more in line with the FIRE movement philosophically, however, I think that they are both playing an inefficient financial

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Business Tips

Is it 2008 ALL OVER AGAIN?

The FHA has revised its lending guidelines – are we headed for another financial crisis? I keep seeing a certain Wall Street Journal Article being bandied about today along with some pretty strong claims that “it’s 2008 ALL OVER AGAIN!”. Besides simply wanting to tell everyone to calm down (last

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Earn Residual Income in the Military
Investing Strategies

How to Earn Residual Income in the Military

The why: Financial Freedom Save More, Spend Less? Nope! Before we talk about residual income, I would like to start by telling you a quick little story… Years ago, I remember deciding, that I did not want my wife to feel like she “had to” go to work if she

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eal Estate Investing
Success Stories

Enjoying My Passive Income from Real Estate Investing

Last week I was travelling across Europe with my wife and kids flying first class from country to country. We went from Germany where we spent time getting served by folks in lederhosen and over to Scotland where I went to a few Scotch distilleries testing some various choice Highlands

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5 Ways to Finance Your First Turn-Key Investment
Single Family

5 Ways to Finance Your First Turn-Key Investment

Finance Your First Turn-Key Investment Financing your first turn-key investment can seem like a daunting task. Amongst the array of financial white noise it is difficult to decide how much you need to save for a turn-key investment and how to finance the down payment. This article will answer those

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Investing Strategies

5 Real Estate Investing Strategies Service Members Need To Know

Real Estate Investing Strategies In the military, we lead super busy lives and are not always privileged with the time to study and learn the secrets of the most of the most successful real estate investors. This causes us to go with the status quo and think that the only

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VA Home Loan
VA Loan

Veterans Make Millions from the VA Home Loan

VA Home Loan Today I would like to focus on the VA Home Loan and how you can maximize this benefit to make yourself a multi-millionaire! This is a process I have done and know from experience that it works! I have outlined the process in detail below so that

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