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      ADPI Has Created Powerful Education, Resources, and a Strong Community To Help Military Families Grow Their Passive Income and Wealth.
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Business Tips

The 3 Quickest & Easiest Credit Card Hacks

So you can not only use credit cards to leverage bonus rewards, but to increase your credit score above 800 and keep it that way! Disclosure: this is not financial advice! I will be offering insight from my research and personal experience. Some of the recommendations I make might in

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How to Buy Real Estate in a Hot Market

The past couple of years have had their ups and downs; some would say more downs than ups. A pandemic has swept the world, and we are still working through it, but I know the market caught a lot of people by surprise. The real estate market, I believe, did

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Business Tips

Umbrella Insurance Policies: Do You Need One?

There’s been some discussion about umbrella insurance policies in the ADPI Facebook group, but many people don’t realize that an umbrella policy exists or is a viable option. Let’s discuss the advantages of these policies and how you can determine whether you need one. What is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

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VA Loan

Ultimate VA Home Loan Guide

Table of Contents As you dive into reading this guide, please understand that the intent is different from any other article, post or blog about the Veterans Administration (VA) Loan that you have read. This is not simply another tool to teach you about buying a home with this amazing

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Success Stories

How I Became a Homeowner at 19 Years Old

Written by: Hayden Eastwood Like many of my peers, I grew up hearing that to be successful, you have to get straight A’s, go to college, and get a good job. My older brother is a dentist– and my sister is an anesthesiologist, so I guess the college thing worked

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