Tim is a Real Estate Investor & Educator, a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, High Performance Coach, and sitting on the Board of Directors for Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI) and recently separated from the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer after 15 years of service.
Tim achieved financial freedom investing in real estate and businesses and he created enough passive cashflow to leave service just over 4 years before his pension would have kicked in, so today, he can fully pursue his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate and dedicating most of his time helping others realize their financial freedom goals.
Tim has been investing in real estate since 2011 where he purchased his first single family residence with the intention of forcing appreciation and flipping for a profit. That property also turned into his first “house-hack,” and he quickly learned buy and hold real estate were much more aligned with his goals.
Tim has built an incredible network of real estate professionals, owns, controls, or has directly been involved in nearly 2,000 income producing units, to include apartment complexes, mobile home communities, RV parks, storage facilities and car washes.
Through his years in the military, Tim not only learned the power of high-level leadership, teamwork, discipline, and grit; he became a certified Command Financial Specialist, educating hundreds of Sailors and Marines on personal finance and creating financial freedom… Tim rapidly found another life passion.
As a member on thr Board of Directors for the online eduction community, Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI), he helps other past and present military members on their paths to financial freedom through financial literacy and real estate investing education – owning more of America – the land they swore to protect and fight so hard for!
Tim also co-authored the #1 Best Selling book with ADPI titled: Military House Hacking and has written others covering basic financial education, all-things credit, home buying, and commercial and multifamily investing.
Tim earned a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University while serving on active duty. 
Tim is now a Senior Managing Partner of both Kelly Housing Group and ADPI Capital where he and his partners invest in and syndicate multifamily property in the affordable and workforce housing spaces with a focus on apartment communities, mobile home communities, RV parks, storage facilities, and car washes.
Tim also loves to pursue philanthropic projects related to homeless veterans, playing shows and drumming with his band, seeing live music and concerts, scuba diving and traveling the world!

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