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Hey everyone!

I am Eric Upchurch. I grew up in central Iowa, moved to California with a friend immediately after high school, attended culinary school, then junior college and transferred to UC Santa Barbara where I met my beautiful wife. After graduation, I joined the Army where I served six years in 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) and finished a Masters in Aeronautical Science in 2010.

Now you know me, how about you? What is your story? What are your goals and passions? I would love to hear them.

My real estate investing journey started out like that of many people in the military. My wife and I bought a new construction house in Savannah, GA while I was stationed there from 2005-2011. So, buying in late 2006 was a bad move, right? Well for us it turned out to be a blessing. When I ETS’ed and moved back to California we could not sell the house in Savannah, so we decided to rent it out and get a property manager. What I did not realize then, is that was the beginning of my real estate investing career. With ZERO money out of pocket (VA loan) every dollar I still make on that property today is technically an infinite return on investment. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, that house is what got me to start thinking about real estate investing.

Since then I have realized that my mission in life is to educate, empower and to help people grow. I live for it and love helping people discover and achieve their goals. I am hooked on taking seemingly complicated investing ideas and breaking them down into simple, one-pager-type lessons that anyone can follow. Debt reduction and wealth plan creation, simplified. I enjoy learning about varying investment strategies, taking detailed notes, trying them myself and using my successes as streamlined paths for others to follow.

I am involved in Self-Directed IRA investing, first trust deeds, tax liens, syndications, live-in flips, and my current favorite – turnkey buy and hold properties! I have been through expensive, professional training courses and I communicate with some very successful real estate investors, so I can tell you with confidence what you really need to succeed. ADPI is a great starting point and will be an amazing resource for those of us with full-time jobs and military careers who want great returns with very little effort.

Best piece of advice to start: if you haven’t invested in some level of education, sign up as an ADPI Priority Member. You won’t regret it and it costs thousands of dollars less than what I paid to get started!

Contact me anytime. I am always happy to help.

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