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Jill Campbell


Jill has a knack for solving problems, which, when combined with the frequent relocations found in military life, results in a chronic case of serial entrepreneurship. Her professional experiences range from the legal industry to running international children’s summer camps to independent web development to creative real estate investing and beyond! Having moved over 30 times throughout her life, Jill has developed a talent for quickly developing relationships and building a “tribe” – a skill that she puts to good use within the ADPI community. With a Rolodex filled with previous neighbors, classmates, colleagues, and friends, if you need an introduction, the chances are good that Jill knows somebody who can help you!

Jill played collegiate soccer during her junior college years, and eventually transferred and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies/Cultural Geography from Brigham Young University. In true military spouse style, she graduated shortly after having her second baby and while her husband was away for military training. Jill grew up in a fixer-upper (have you seen the movie The Money Pit?) and isn’t afraid of a value-add opportunity. She and her husband, Ty, invest in value-add opportunities by way of live-in flips with her family, aiming to build a portfolio of short-term rentals around the country.

Jill works as a senior director for a nonpartisan civic engagement, education, and advocacy organization, which helps her fulfill her convictions for supporting and strengthening the nation’s democracy. She has a passion for travel, has lived in India and China, and has visited over a dozen countries, usually with kids along for the adventure. She lives in southern California with Ty and their four children, but they are, of course, moving soon.

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