Sick & tired of being on the sidelines while others are creating passive income from Real Estate Investing because you don't know where to start?

Then you are in the right place. 

We know that military real estate investing is the key to your financial independence but here is the rub, there simply isn't a go to source to learn everything needed to start investing TODAY.
That's why we wanted to create the Ultimate Beginners Mastermind ready to turn your investment dreams into reality πŸ˜πŸ˜
But what does that look like? After many late night brainstorming sessions, we've finally come up with the most Comprehensive, Affordable, and Easy to follow beginner mastermind for Military Real Estate investors to take you from where ever you are today and transform you into a Real Estate Investing PRO.
  1. No longer worry about your exit strategy from the military because your financial future will be secured.
  2. Create reliable passive income stream to enjoy the lifestyle you want to create

When you join the mastermind you will gain the confidence needed to start investing by equipping yourself with a proven process and plan while surrounding yourself with action takers looking to accomplish similar goals as you.

Need that extra push to get up off your butt and crank out your weekly goals? Looking for a second set of eyes on your deal analysis? Nervous about that marked up inspection report? Don't sweat it. Just post in the Mastermind and we'll get you the right advice at the right time to set you and your investment up for success πŸ“ˆπŸ€™
FACT: You are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with. This Mastermind optimizes your circle by creating a Positive, Goal-Oriented learning environment where you can connect with others just like yourself. 
Network with Peers, Build Confidence and Take Action during ADPI's Guided 30-Day Facebook Live Hero Challenge. This daily guided program allows you to interact with fellow investors as you Find, Target, Analyze, and CRUSH your first investment deal.
Then acquire ADPI Hero status by sharing your journey on FB Live to earn our coveted ADPI Hero Challenge Coin πŸ‘Š

Here is what's included in your Mastermind membership ...

βœ…Learn the Step by step blueprint on how to Invest in Real Estate the RIGHT WAY, saving you time, money, and frustration.

βœ…Monthly Muster Zoom Call with Kevin and Mike to analyze your investing strategy. 

βœ…BAH House Hacking Calculator (Coming Soon)! (Know immediately if you found the right investment property)

βœ…Weekly FB Live Q&A with Kevin and Mike to answer questions and update you on what's working and what is NOT working.

βœ…Exclusive Access to ALL Webinar Replays

βœ…Coffee with Kevin Training Videosβ˜•οΈ

βœ…Private Network of Military members just like you all pursuing the same goal: Financial freedom πŸ™Œ

βœ…Expert blogs written specifically with you in mind to answer your toughest questions πŸ“š

βœ…A piece of mind knowing you can retire from the military with a dependable stream of incomeπŸ“š(Priceless)

βœ…BONUS! 30-day ADPI HERO CHALLENGE! (Get in, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and start taking ACTION!)

Pricing Options

For the price of 1 month of Netflix you can change your financial future. Take action today and become a member of Active Duty Passive Income's exclusive Single Family Real Estate Investing Mastermind. We are waiting for you on the inside.



Facebook Mastermind group which includes everything mentioned above.

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Save $20 by committing to a full year. Facebook Group Mastermind which includes everything mentioned above.

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Kevin Brenner, an active duty Air Force Captain, discovered the power of real estate investing in early 2018 after returning from an overseas deployment.  After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Kevin was hooked..

In August of 2018, Kevin used his VA loan to close on his first Quadplex.  Despite facing a PCS to Washington, DC, Kevin has since rehabbed each unit and doubled the rents turning a once-neglected property into stable apartment homes in an up-and-coming area of Savannah!  Less than 10 months later, Kevin was able to raise over $85,000 in private money to purchase a second Quadplex just up the street from his first investment.   

Kevin is passionate about education and obsessed with financial independence.  When he's not on duty, Kevin enjoys mentoring others, playing volleyball, hunting for deals, traveling, and writing.    


Mike Foster, United States Naval Academy graduate, is a recently separated Naval Officer and current Real Estate Investor and entrepreneur, who serves as the Education Chief and Podcast Host for Active Duty Passive Income.

While active duty, Mike was fortunate enough to have had several remarkable mentors that taught him the importance of credit-building, creative financing techniques and wealth building strategies. He also involves his wife, Cheyenne, also in the Navy, as his partner in his real estate businesses.

Mike has acquired multiple real estate investments, he owns several businesses, and has the passion and drive to mentor thousands of veterans around the world.


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