Our Team

One team one fight. We serve proudly and invest smartly. Here is our team!


Founder / CEO

Markian Sich, USMC

Marine Corps CH-53E pilot and real estate investing enthusiast. Markian was born and lived in Ukraine until he was fifteen. Read Markian's Bio...

Education Chief/Podcast Host

Michael Foster, USN

A Navy Surface Warfare Officer and expert at creative financing. Michael joined purely because of his passion for Real Estate Investing and because he wants to help other members of the military achieve similar success. Read Michael's full bio...

Referral & Investment Chief

Eric Upchurch, USA

Former Special Operations Aviation Crewmember who has a passion for educating the military community on creating long-term wealth through real estate investing. As part of the ADPI crew, Eric serves as a liaison for connecting new investors to healthy, passive investments. Read Eric's full bio...

Property Research and Multifamily Education Chief

Adam La Barr, USAF

Adam is an analytical beast and a total motivator. He skipped the single-family route and saved up enough money to jump right into multifamily and wants to show all ADPI fans his journey! Read Adam's full bio...

Financial Freedom and Syndication Chief

Tim Kelly, USN

Tim is an active duty Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy and has served his country for 13 years. Now stationed on shore duty in Pensacola, Florida, he is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate. Read Tim's Full Bio...


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