The Military Multifamily Academy 


Learn the process of sourcing, evaluating, and closing on multifamily investment properties from start to finish so you can create generational wealth and build your dream lifestyle.



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Dear investor: 

Our journey into investing began on active duty. In the past few years we have collectively been involved in the purchase of over 1200 units, valued over $8 million, between us. Last year, the two of us decided that we wanted to bring every bit of our multifamily real estate experience and knowledge into a single course. We took extreme care, countless hours, and obsessive attention to detail to make each module focused, informational, and complete - packed full of the best practices and practical action steps that we have learned over the years.

We didn't hold anything back.


πŸ‘‰Is this course and mastermind for you⁉️


Those that enjoy real estate investing eventually end up wanting to do more and more of it. For many of us in the military, living for something so much bigger than ourselves comes naturally and we want to pursue BIG dreams.

The adrenaline rush of large-scale team operations and difficult decisions can get addicting, especially when everyone is striving towards the same goal:

Generational Wealth

Multifamily Real Estate Investing is the next step in the real estate investing game where you need a bigger team, you buy bigger properties, you make bigger impact and you make bigger money.

Nothing about our mastermind group or course is subtle. If you want to be a part of this, we ask that you join with a strong will to win and actively contribute to the mission: buying as much of America as possible.


πŸ‘‰ "[this] membership is second-to-none. I have direct, real-time, communication with everyone of the ADPI team where they are able to coach and mentor me through the entire process" - Brandon Feldman 


  • The Military Multifamily Academy
  • Two Seperate Deal Analyzers; Multifamily Apartment and Mobile Home Parks
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Sample Forms
  • Sample Deal Package
  • Elevator Pitch Script
  • Capital Raising Script
  • Plus MORE…

Accountability from a POWERFUL PEER GROUP

Our own, private, and unique social network so you can:

  • Partner with other like-minded military real estate enthusiasts
  • Learn from others and ask an unlimited number of questions
  • Experience ultimate accountability during live video conference calls

Get PUSHED towards your GOALS by the ADPI TEAM

Instant access to our team . . .  Just "Tap-To-Talk" πŸ‘ˆ. . . literally!

Get educated and get your questions answered quickly from anywhere in the world.

Don't have time for conference calls? No problem, just walkie-talkie to our team!

The Team

With hundreds of units and millions of dollars in real estate deals closed... you know you are with good company 😎

Three Core Elements of Our Program . . .


Lifetime access to the Military Multifamily Academy

15+ course videos and growing!

The Only Due Diligence Checklist you will ever need

Sample Forms - LOIs, PSAs, and more!

TWO Deal Analyzers - Multifamily Apartments and Mobile Home Park

+ Bonus Material including mindset lessons and exclusive interviews with prominent multifamily investors and professionals

$2997 Value



Share deals, create experiences, and discuss lessons learned. 

Access to the Multifamily Group within our #StartTheSpark Club

Access an incredible peer group of experienced investors, syndicators, CPA's, lenders, and other professionals

Brainstorm and problem solve your deals in real time "tap-to-talk" from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

Build relationships for future collaborations and partnerships


$1,500 / year Value


Business Growth Mastermind

A revolutionary new way to do live coaching from anywhere in the world

Monthly Live interactive online training that will lead you through:

Sourcing, Negotiating, and Closing on Multifamily Properties

Building a professional business

Marketing and Networking Strategies

Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Access to our Live "Tap-To-Talk" Mastermind Voxer Channel

$8,997 / year Value

Live Tax Advice and Strategy with Brandyn Cox!

Have Brandyn at your fingertips to help with:
  • Learn how to save thousands of dollars in taxes every year
  • Create a tax and wealth plan to both make incredible income AND keep it!
  • Discover the best strategy and legal structure for your real estate investments
  • Squaring away your deductibles every year without the usual stress

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The Military Multifamily Academy



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Webinar Vault

Worksheets & Guidebooks





Lifetime access to the course

Lifetime access to all BONUS material

Live "Tap-To-Talk" Mastermind

Access to our Private Forum Group

Monthly Mastermind Live Training

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