The Military Multifamily Academy 

Learn how to buy your first 6 or 7 figure multifamily property & make a profit even if you know nothing about multifamily investing.

Dear Investor,
Did you know that almost every millionaire owns real estate?
In fact there is a study stating 90% of millionaires over the last two centuries have achieved their wealth in part due to real estate investments.
Here is the problem you face: As a military member your income is limited to what the government wants to pay you which means you are being held back from achieving your true money making potential.
You may not want to become a millionaire but if I were to guess you do want to have a secure retirement, take your family on a vacation from time to time, purchase something you have always dreamed of, or have the ability to retire on your own terms.
So how do you achieve this?
There is only one logical choice ...
You need to do what the millionaires do ... Invest in real estate.
Luckily there is a solution...
Whether you are a veteran working a full time job or an active duty service member of ANY rank, you can BUY apartment complexes, mobile home parks, multi unit homes & create passive income from ANYWHERE in the world with a little bit of daily action, leveraging other peoples money (investors), and surrounding yourself with the RIGHT people. 

Let me introduce you to Military Multifamily Real Estate Investing Academy

This is our exact step by step blueprint we have used time and time again to accumulate a portfolio of 1200 doors worth over 7 figures and pays us while we work our full time jobs.

When you invest in real estate your money making potential is no longer limited to just your government salary which means you can dream as big as you want & make as much as you want.

The only thing stopping you is from achieving your dream is learning, taking daily action, and equipping yourself with a proven investing road map.


  • Our full step by step process that takes you from complete beginner to multifamily investing pro. 
  • How to source properties and approach brokers with confidence to get all the info needed quickly so you can snag the best deals!

  • The only diligence checklist you will ever need to ensure you never get BURNED on a bad deal

  • How to create a winning team that almost guarantees your success

  • How to create successful syndications that keep investors coming back for more

  • Financial analysis techniques ANYONE can learn

  • Industry leading market analysis techniques so there is no more guess work.

  • Personal development habits and mindset hacks that will help you optimize your working hours and business focus (not only good for business but life in general).


  • A place to partner with other like-minded military real estate enthusiasts

  • Learn from others and ask an unlimited number of questions so you can be confident in your investment

  • Opportunity to ask your toughest questions during live video conference calls with the ADPI team

  • Instant access to fellow students and ADPI Multifamily Team with the free "Tap-To-Talk" 👈 Voxer App. This allows you to get your questions answered quickly from anywhere in the world & rest easy knowing the advice you receive is accurate.

Your Multifamily Coaches

We are a team of Active Duty & Veterans who practice what we preach & have your back.

Using the methods in the course we have accumulated 1200 units worth 7 figures. Additionally we continue to invest in over 5 figures worth of coaching & mentoring EVERY year to ensure you are receiving the most up to date information in the real estate investing space so you are not left behind.

You can feel confident in knowing you are learning from fellow brother and sisters who are practitioners with skin in the game not another fake guru trying to sell you a lousy course.

We are proud and excited to say ... we have held nothing back & it is all yours for the taking!

Here is what other's are saying about the program...



When you enroll today you get access to:

✅  20 in depth modules that take you step by step from knowing nothing about Multifamily real estate investing to closing your first deal

✅ Bi Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with the ADPI Multifamily Team inside the private Facebook group

✅ Access to all previous coaching calls

✅ Immediate tap to talk access to the ADPI Team & all current mastermind students.

Valued at $13,494 !

BONUS #1: Live Tax Advice and Strategy with Brandyn Cox.

Have our go to tax expert Brandyn at your fingertips to help with:
  • Implementing strategies to save thousands of dollars in taxes every year
  • Create a fool proof tax and wealth plan to ensure you keep your hard earned income.
  • Discover the best strategy and legal structure for your real estate investments
  • Learn about the hidden deductibles almost everyone overlooks that could save you thousands on your return.

BONUS #2: Get your first 2 months of Mastermind FREE  ($97/mo value)

BONUS #3: Access to 2 Modules covering both apartment complexes AND mobile home parks, a growing specialty market!

BONUS #4: Daily interaction with the ADPI team via live Q&A calls, library of past calls, and walkie talkie app.



No time limit

If you are not happy, we are not happy.


Todays Offer Is Valued At $15,894

But you can get instant access to the course and mastermind for the one time price of ...



Then $97 PER MONTH

Lifetime access to the course

Lifetime access to all BONUS material

Checklists, Resources, Webinar Vault, Worksheets & Guidebooks are yours to keep

Live "Tap-To-Talk" Mastermind

Access to our Private Facebook Group

Monthly Mastermind Live Training



P.S: This gem of a deal will sell for $2,497 in the future. The special offer is a "Buy it now before it's gone" offer, so act fast!

P.P.S: Before the course closes take a moment to think about what your life would look like 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now and being able to retire on your own terms because you are generating enough cash flow from real estate. Now is the time to take action.











This is not for everyone

Please do not apply for this program unless you are 100% committed to taking action and becoming a contributing member of our Mastermind.

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