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👉 Do you ever wish you had a POWERFUL PEER GROUP to help you close on deals and earn passive income? . . .


. . . Our team created this club because it is something we all wish we had when we first started investing in Real Estate. 

In #StartTheSpark, every member takes steps towards their own financial freedom. 

#StartTheSpark PRIORITY - Group Mentorship Benefits

Schedule Calls with our Team

EVERYONE on our team will be available to you for a phone call

Strategy Calls

Next-step Calls

Motivation Calls

$295 Value


Investing Walkthrough

Let us be your Quality Control Hub and get you to the closing table

Priority introductions and handling with our trusted Turn-key partners

Early access to properties

Full roadmap to closing with assistance

Maximum support

$495 Value


Monthly Musters

Video Calls with our Team and Access to the Monthly Muster Vault on our website

Eric and Tim deep-dive into your personal real estate investing journey via live video conference

Access to previous months' video calls via our Monthly Muster Vault

$195 Value


BONUS: Affiliate Rewards System

Learn How you can be rewarded for spreading the word about our #StartTheSpark Club / Social Network

$195 Value

Your membership goes with you everywhere

Imagine an entire platoon of your best friends obsessing over real estate and passive income just as much as you do...

Imagine an entire social network of other military and veteran real estate investors from all over the world... 

Well, we created just that. 

Forget emails and conference calls, #StartTheSpark is an entire social network at your fingertips.


No BS . . . Schedule calls with our team!



👉 LIVE monthly member Zoom call 

👉 It is designed to deep-dive into your personal investing journey and get you further than you ever imagined.

Consistent Communication

When you have a question or need support, our club members are here for you and will make sure your real estate investing journey is successful. 

Closing on Deals

Because let's be honest, without closing deals you aren't really a real estate investor. We will push you to succeed and help you figure out new ways to accelerate your path towards financial freedom, one property closing at a time.

Team Dynamics

This is NOT a Facebook group. The first thing you'll notice is how personal the interactions are. If you want direct access to our team and the club at all times . . . Join #StartTheSpark PRIORITY.


Why #StartTheSpark?


  • Direct access to the ADPI team an our network
  • Receive advice from motivated peers and experts
  • Increase your rental portfolio inventory and cashflow
  • Grow your authority in the military real estate investment space



"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us."
- Marianne Williamson

100% Money Back Guarantee

Not much more we can say here.

If you aren't happy with your membership for any reason within 30 days, we will refund you no questions asked.

Who Qualifies?

- You must me a military member or spouse . . . past or present.

- A man or woman of integrity, patience, and a thirst to learn and share your own knowledge.



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