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Hello everyone! My name is Adam La Barr and I am “from” Midstate NY (upstate for all you folks from NYC). I am a military brat and traveled all over as a child and then about 15 years ago I entered the Air Force. After getting married to my beautiful wife Raquel I began to learn a lot more about being smart with money… after all… I was suddenly responsible for someone else!

My wife was instrumental in my decision to invest in real estate. She is in the Air Force as well and she taught me more than she would ever know in what it means to invest and save your money. So, I jumped into research mode! Sure enough, the more I researched and understood the more I realized passive income from real estate was the best route you can take for financial freedom.

Like most people, I started looking at the single family home space and realized I wanted something different so I looked at du/tri/quadplexes. Still… NOT SATISFIED! Then I came to apartments and I knew that was where I was going to stay! Jake and Gino, Michael Blank, Rod Khleif, Paul Peebles/Michael Becker, and Del Walmsley helped get me to truly understand this. Sure, this niche is not for everyone, but for me, I knew it was where I wanted to be! The scalability, return on investment, ease of transactions for the return… it was incredible! Every time I run numbers on an apartment I get excited. Every time I have a meeting about investing, buying, managing, etc. I can hardly contain myself. I cannot help but talk about it and get more involved than I was yesterday.

That brought me to the door of ADPI. The moment I met the awesome military brothers involved in ADPI I knew I wanted to connect. My desire to learn, teach, talk, buy, invest, etc. makes this the perfect place for me to be.


That being said, I want to talk with you! I want to learn with you! I want to show you the possibilities involved in multi-family real estate! I want ADPI to be THE #1 place for military, veterans, and their families to learn the how to invest and gain financial freedom with the passive income provided by real estate.

So, jump in, sign up, and earn your passive income!



Adam La Barr is originally from Midstate, NY, but grew up traveling the world with his family while his father was in the Air Force. After high school Adam also found a calling to serve and entered the Air Force. There, he met his wife who was also serving on active duty - she was instrumental in his decision to start investing in real estate as several of her family members had been investing for years.

Adam now serves as the Multifamily Education Chief for Active Duty Passive Income and has a passion for property research in particular. His education began by learning to analyze single-family properties, then small multifamily. As his curiosity grew, and his understanding of what a great deal looks like, he found larger multifamily to be his preferred niche.

Adam is now invested in over 200 doors, which he accomplished while stationed overseas.

He loves teaching other people how to do this and while he claims to be no expert, he will gladly teach all he knows to anyone who will listen.



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