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About Mike

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Hey I'm Mike Foster.

I first got involved in investing to build something for myself and my future family. I realized at 25, I had nothing of value to carry forward after the first quarter of my life. I knew living paycheck to paycheck was not an option, and I wanted to know what abundant living felt like. The more knowledge I built, the more books I read and podcasts I listened to, I realized, building for my future was way easier then I judged it to be. Once I changed my mindset, visualized what I wanted, and set my goals, I painted a picture of what financial freedom looked like! To pursue my passion of traveling, to be my own boss, and to give back in a major way!

Growing up, I spent countless hours staring at my bedroom ceiling, imagining myself being someplace outside my house. I thought of traveling to far off places, experiencing cultures first hand, and learning different languages. I later joined the military, because I knew it would give me the ability to travel. Now that I've journeyed to both sides of the globe, I want to build a business that will pay me to adventure across the world, meet cool people, and build awesome things. One that doesn't require me to spend numerous hours trapped in a steel can.

Real estate is just one tool of investing, but it is one that allows you the freedom and versatility to use it as you wish. Just as anything is in life, what you put in is what you get out. However, YOU create your own hours. YOU create your own team. YOU make the decisions that carve your success on your terms, on your time, and on your willingness to succeed. I want to have a business I can work on and make money from my phone, wherever I am in the world. Real estate gives me just that.

What is your “Why?” What are you striving for in life? Sometimes, you have to take a step back and analyze whether you are living the life you want. If you realize you are not getting any closer to your life goals, then you have to shake things up. I realized this after 6.5 years in the military and decided it was time to get out. I left active duty naval service to pursue a life of entrepreneurship. The transition wasn’t easy, but it has been very rewarding.

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