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About Joe

Joe Buchanan

Have you ever had the thought in your mind that you should be doing something else?

After serving 9 years on active duty in the Air Force I realized that was me. I  was great at what I  did and loved the military but I felt there was something else out there I should be doing.

While on active duty my wife and I started a side hustle in wedding photography. We also dipped our toes into some MLM and digital marketing as well.

After about 4 years of the side hustle we felt we were finally in a place to make the jump from active duty to full time entrepreneurship.

There were a few other life events that made that decision a little more urgent but in the end we went for it.

It was scary as hell, but why wait any longer?

Soon we found ourselves hustling to make it by but we loved every second of it.

Then one day I saw a random post inside of a Facebook group where I was the first one to reply.

Markian had been looking for someone to do some messenger marketing work and I was totally motivated to help out especially after learning what ADPI was.

Falling in love with the mission and teams purpose I never looked back.

I soon found myself as the Chief Marketing Officer looking for ways to grow ADPI so we could impact as many active duty and veteran military members as possible.

I  always say ADPI is one of those things I wish I knew about as a young lieutenant. My financial position and life would probably be much different than what it is today.

But there are no regrets and it is why I am grateful to be a part of this team that is trying to reach as many people possible to show them that financial freedom through real estate investing IS possible.