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3 Tips for Visualization in Real Estate Investing

Aug 25, 2020

3 Tips for Visualization as a Real Estate Investor

Visualization techniques are practiced by successful people who know their desired outcomes and strive to achieve them. Many achievers consider visualization a superpower. Visualization helps them to create their dream lives by fulfilling their goals and tasks. These goals are completed one at a time-- coupled with hyper focus and confidence. 

This superpower is embedded in everyone, but we do not know how to use it effectively. With the daily practice of visualization, it can rapidly accelerate your achievement of goals, dreams, and ambitions. Visualizing is a way to convince our minds that something is real when it is not.

Tips to Achieve Visualization as a Real Estate Investor

1. Set Your Goals and Check Your Vision Board Before Initiating An Action

A general goal such as "being happier" does not need visualization. You could be happy by changing your dreams and with small achievements too. However, visualization techniques...

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What is a VA Loan?

Aug 18, 2020


What is a VA Loan?

Although some veterans and service members know about the VA loan, a surprisingly high percentage of them do not know about this awesome benefit available at arm’s reach. Here at ADPI, our entire existence revolves around educating and preparing veterans to use and understand their VA loan options.

The VA loan offers a wide range of benefits for veterans. It is a private lender-issued, federally-backed loan, and its purpose is to provide servicemembers and their families the option for home-ownership – made easier (and more possible!) by not requiring a down payment.

VA Loan Eligibility

To be eligible for the VA loan, borrowers must have a history of active duty service and have achieved a discharge other than dishonorable. Before they can use their loan benefits, veterans must have served a minimum of 90 days during wartime or 181 days during peacetime.

For those who are National Guard and Reservists, there is a 6-year duty requirement before...

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The Small Business Guide to Charitable Giving

Aug 13, 2020

The Small Business Guide to Charitable Giving

Small businesses are anything but small; they make up the vast majority of the global economy, support hundreds of thousands of families, and have a major impact on the financial stability of every country in the world. That said, small businesses can also make a difference through their charity work and donations, especially when done with care and a strategic approach. Business owners who are new to the practice might not be aware of the many perks that come with charity work, but understanding the process and the benefits can help you find the best match for your business.


From the very beginning of your business journey and the moment you start your company, you can select one (or more) organizations that align with your values and support them with your presence as well as funds. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when looking for the right way to give back to your community!

Finding a kindred spirit among charities


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The Answer to "Should You Buy Term Life Insurance & Invest the Difference?"

Aug 04, 2020

Should You Buy Term Life Insurance & Invest the Difference?

If you’ve done even a little research on the pros and cons of Term and Whole Life insurance, you’ve almost certainly come across the phrase “Buy term, invest the difference.” The basic premise is that term insurance is cheap, whole life insurance is expensive, and if you buy term and invest the difference, you’ll be better off. Simple, right?

Not necessarily. Let’s unpack this a bit.

Term Life Insurance

Is term insurance cheaper when compared to whole life insurance? In a strict dollar for dollar sense, the answer is a clear yes. But, the question the savvy investor should ask is, “Why?” Are insurance companies offering you cheap term life insurance out of the goodness of their hearts? I think we can agree the answer to that is no. Here’s the reason term life insurance doesn’t cost the average, healthy, military age individual much money: somewhere along the...

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5 Surprising Ways to Increase the Equity in Your Home

Jul 25, 2020

How to Increase the Equity in Your Home

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, the decision to purchase a home should include questions about equity. If you’re planning on completing updates to the property, it’s important to know which upgrades are going to increase the value in the home. Any upgrades should be made based on adding value. So, the question remains: Which updates will increase the equity in your home?

First, let’s take a look at the definition of home equity. According to, it is “the real property’s current market value less any liens that are attached to that property.” So, the property’s current value – mortgage = the equity in your home. When deciding on a home purchase, multiple studies have shown that the top three amenities that buyers look for are things like: highway access, walking/jogging/bike trails, and sidewalks on both sides. Proximity and availability of...

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5 Ways to Attract Top Quality Tenants in a Tough Real Estate Market

Jul 16, 2020

How to Attract Top Quality Tenants in a Tough Real Estate Market 

One of the keys to real estate investing success, whether you are investing in commercial or residential properties, is acquiring and retaining top-quality tenants. These are the people that will take care of the property, the people who always pay their rents on time, and are generally easy to deal with on a daily basis. They are the people who will help your investing business thrive and recommend your other properties to their friends and business partners. Of course, finding this type of long-term tenant is often easier said than done, especially during an economic downturn caused by a global pandemic.


But that doesn’t mean that you’re powerless to build a successful real estate business. If you're operating in a difficult real estate market, there are some proven tactics you can implement into your strategy to appeal to the best tenants in the region and inspire them to...

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How to Use Meditation in Real Estate Investing

Jul 08, 2020

Why You Should Meditate As an Investor and How to Get Started

Often, you come across references focusing on meditation for real estate investing. Even Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of Apple attributed much of his career success to meditation that boosted his perception and intuition in creativity. The following quote helps us understand the importance of meditating:
“After reading a bad headline, meditating investors are more likely to respond rather than react."

Why an Investor Needs To Meditate

Meditation is not bound by religious or philosophical nature. You do not have to change your lifestyle or believe in religion to practice meditation. Whatever job or lifestyle you are pursuing, incorporate meditation for your overall health benefits and material gains. Meditation is an attempt to communicate with the true self. It works for everyone regardless of their belief or motivation.

As a real estate investor, you should meditate because it can change your...

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My Real Estate Investing Success Story by Dion McNeeley

Jul 03, 2020

My Real Estate Investing Success Story

I started as a TOW gunner in the Marines during Desert Storm. I came home to divorce and ended up a homeless single dad. The military was downsizing after the first gulf war, so re-enlisting wasn't an option. I tried a few different jobs after getting out and finally became a truck driver once I got my CDL.

 I remarried and had two more kids--then divorced again. I am good at keeping custody, but not so good at keeping a wife. I inherited $89,000 of bad debt from this marriage that I did not know existed. It took me six years to get out from under that. 

After that, I became a police officer but was let go during the 2008 financial crisis. A lot of police departments were laying people off at that time since municipalities get their funding for officers from city revenues. 

In 2009, I was tired of losing jobs because of circumstances out of my control. I owned a house I had purchased with my VA loan and then refinanced during the...

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ADPI H.E.L.P.S: Six Secret Hacks to Financial Freedom for Your Family

Jun 26, 2020


How to use your Veteran Benefits to Help Achieve Financial Independence

Can you, as a veteran, hack military benefits to financial freedom?  Yes.  The average American household spends $5,000/month.  Let’s imagine that this represents you.  If you succeed in stacking your benefits as monthly passive income to outweigh $5K/month, then you win in hacking your way to financial freedom.

You can win freedom by increasing money flowing in or reducing the money flowing out.  I prefer to focus on income, to think offensively, vs. the defensive approach of aggressive saving and living frugally.  Your expenses can shrink to the floor, but your income has no ceiling.  And as we say in the military, the defense sets up the offense.  The offense remains decisive.

As a veteran, there exist at least four significant sources of passive income that you should hack:  retirement, VADC, SSDI, and VR&E.  You also have at least two...

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How to Develop a Generational Wealth Plan

Jun 22, 2020

What is a Generational Wealth Plan?

When you ask most people why they work so hard to increase their net worth and gain financial independence, they almost always answer something to the effect of- "I want the freedom to spend time with my family" or "I don't want my kids to struggle as I did". Family is a powerful motivator, yet many people do not have a comprehensive plan for ensuring that their wealth passes to their heirs or that their beneficiaries have the financial education to increase their wealth further after you die.  


There is irony in the fact that to create generational wealth, you need to act and plan as if you already HAVE generational wealth. Rich people do not leave their family's inheritance or financial education to chance, and neither should you. The great news is that, as a member of the military, you have access to fantastic resources that can help turbocharge your children's future. 


To create our plan, we started with a broad...

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