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ADPI_071: Who Loses If You Don't Win With Danelle Delgado

Apr 25, 2019

Episode Transcription:



Get ready to be inspired. Get ready to be transformed. I cannot wait to introduce to you our guests today. This episode is going to be absolutely amazing. If you are listening to this right now you need to make sure that you block off the remainder amount of time for this podcast because you are not going to want to put it down. Let's go!



Hey, freedom fighters. Welcome to the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. The only place where military members, veterans and their families learn how to build wealth through real estate investing. I'm your host Mike Foster and I'm here to show you how to stop wasting your benefits now get off your ass step up to the firing line and make ready for today's lesson.

Today’s Guest: Danelle Delgado


Shooter standby. Hey what's going on guys? Welcome to the active duty passive income Podcast. I am so excited for today's super, super special guest. Danelle Delgado. How are you doing,...

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