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Jun 09, 2018


Episode Transcription:

Hey freedom fighters, welcome to the active duty passive income podcast. The only place where military members, veterans and their families learn how to build wealth through real estate investing. I'm your host Mike Foster and I'm here to show you how to stop wasting your benefits. Now get off your ass, step up to the firing line and make ready for today's lesson. Shooter stand by. 

What's going on guys, how are you doing out there and welcome to the active duty passive income podcast? This is our first episode and we are super excited. Why? Because we are going to show you how to leverage your benefits, how to take advantage of tax free deployments, how to make the most out of your empty space at home. But most importantly how to build wealth through real estate investing. So, you can stop depending on Uncle Sam's 20-year benefit.

Guys there are so many ways that you can use your benefits to make money, even while you're on deployment right. something you don't have to work for month after month, time after time, rental income coming in supporting your family, so you can focus on what's important right; the mission.

Our country was born from the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers and guys there are too many of our brothers and sisters out that are left to fend for themselves.

Even most of them getting out without a plan. I can't even tell you right. So my name is Mike foster by the way. I'm a naval officer of 5 years. I've served three deployments, one tour overseas and in my limited time I've seen way too many people getting out without a plan and it kills me.

Because some of these guys out there I just look on Facebook and they're really not doing much with their life. I follow up with them right. I try and mentor them, I try to help them out, help them to build a resume all that stuff and it just it seems like they just focus too much on the negative of the service and not the positive right. 

They’re underpaid, right they're overworked and they're crying out for help and it just seems like no one is pulling them in the right direction. Well I'm sorry to tell you but there's not a lot that you can really do for them in the service, when you're trying to get them to be passionate about their job right. There’s only so much you can do for someone to get passionate about what they're doing. 

But you know what we can do better a better job of is helping teach people financial literacy. Because that in the military is not effective. There is no effective financial education system that is in place for our military and it is time to make a change right.

Now this is just one way and our focus is on real estate investing. Why? Because it is the safest and it is the most efficient way to build wealth and we have the most benefits geared towards it. I mean let's just go ahead and lay them on the table.

The VA loan, raise your hand if you're listening to this if you even know what the VA loan is and you'd be surprised there are a lot of people that don't know the VA loan, what it can do for you and how you can use that to leverage wealth for your future. 

Guys for the VA loan you put zero money down on a house. Zero money down and all military members that have served above ninety days have the ability to use it. Come on now, it's crazy. But this stuff is out there.

BAH, right our basic housing allowance. Guess they pay for us for a place to live. So if you can buy a house with no money and you get BAH for free, why not buy a house?

If anything have Uncle Sam pay for it. That way you guys can instead of rent and put money in someone else's pocket, you could have Uncle Sam put more money in your pocket and set yourself up down the long run.

Anyway right I mean that's literally just scratching the surface and we have so many benefits that are out there that are geared towards helping us out and we are going to show you all of them. We’re going to show you all the different tools that you can use to set yourself up. This is going to be a great podcast and I know it is needed by so many people. That’s why I am passionate on delivering this message out to you guys. So it's going to happen.

Alright so if you or someone you know is looking for a transition plan or looking for a way to get started in real estate or even if they're just trying to make the most out of wearing the uniform while they're in the service, they need to be listening to this. You need to bring this to them because this is going to inspire them to change their life for the better.

I'm tired of seeing these empty souls walking around that hate their job, they hate their lives, they hate what they're doing and they feel stuck right. They feel stuck because they have to go for the 20 years just to make that pension. You can use real estate to build a pension for yourself way before you even get to half the time that's required by Uncle Sam to give you that pension check guys.

Thank you so much guys for everything that you are doing out there. We really appreciate your service and we understand what it's like and we know that you guys deserve better. So we are going to bring it to you. Make sure you stay tuned, because we've got some awesome episode's coming up with other veteran investors that are kicking ass in the real estate field.

They’re going to share their success stories, they're going to share their failures and some nuggets of wisdoms that way you guys can use them and make sure that you also go out and hit us up on Facebook. We’d love to connect with you guys, hear your stories.

Some of you guys are already killing out there and we want to know who you are. We’ve also got a course build set up. So if you're looking for something quicker, make sure you hit up

 We've got a program set up to walk you through the nuts and bolts of investing, a mentorship program to help guide you along the way and a network of other people who are motivated individuals out there killing it alright.

 Anyway I've been speaking to you enough, I'm out of here! Mike out



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