ADPI_082: Empowering Young Minds And How To Talk To Your Kids About Money With Lenita Abouchabake

Apr 26, 2019

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Hey freedom fighters. Welcome to the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. The only place where military members, veterans and their families learn how to build wealth through real estate investing. I'm your host, Mike Foster, and I'm here to show you how to stop wasting your benefits. Now get off your ass, step up to the firing line and make ready for today's lesson.

Today’s Guest: Lenita Abouchabake


Shooter standby. Hey, what's going on guys, welcome to the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. This is the mobile edition yet again. Here I am getting ready to transit out and it's amazing how you can take these things on your phone nowadays. I remember when I used to write my Christmas list on a typewriter but anyway, aside from all that, I have an amazing guest here, all the way from Australia, Lenita Abouchabake, how are you doing?

Hi, Mike. I'm absolutely amazing. Thank you for having me.

No, it is my honor and pleasure to have you here on the show. For those of you don't know, I met Lenita at the 10X Growth Conference in Miami, Grant Cardone’s super entrepreneurial conference that he invited 35,000 investors from all around the world and I happen to run into but Nita actually I was introduced to her by another friend that I made out there, but how are you doing? This is it's so amazing to have you here. And what's the weather like over there in Australia right now?

Oh, Mike. It's absolutely beautiful at the moment. So it's summer out in Australia now. So it's been there's been a bit of a heat wave. I kind of skipped that way when I came to Miami but yeah, no complaints this way. It's been a beautiful. So fancy me? I'm really, yeah, I've settled in as well.

So for those that don't know, it's an it's like a 20-hour flight to Miami. So people thought I was crazy to come out just for a conference. But look, the return on my investment was absolutely look out of this world, the fact that I've been able to connect with people like you, just amazing. So that 20-hour flight was clearly worth it. very blessed. very blessed for sure. I believe that and we're very blessed to have you here and met you man, because the main crazy so 20 hours coming out what was going through your head? And how did you even find out about the conference? If you don't mind?

Yeah, good question. So, obviously, you know, we're all on social media now. And if you not, you'd need to jump on it.  The whole investing and personal development space myself and I started to come across a lot of influences online and I wanted to learn a little bit more about how to invest in real estate stayed and, and aside to read a lot of self-help books as well, thankfully enough, I came across people like Grant Cardone on Instagram and he was delivering so much content online, where he was over delivering the content and I thought this guy is giving us so much. Why don't I just invest in this event because he's given me so much already. I'm curious to see what else I could learn. Personally, I felt like I was stuck in my existing environment. I wanted a challenge. I wanted an excuse to go back to Miami. Firstly, I love Miami. And so yeah, I wanted to really challenge myself and invest in myself at a higher level where it really scared the crap out of me to really help me push myself quicker and grow quicker. Right. So that's how I came across 10X… It was literally through Instagram. I started to listen to his podcasts and everything and yeah, I just honestly it was a… I made the decision quite quickly. I found out about it last minute, but I thought look, I always preach to my audience going on yourself and invest in yourself and make those moves. So I had to walk the talk as well. And that's, that's how I just yeah, it was just a split decision happen overnight. My family were like, what were you going? You're going to Miami? I'm like, Yeah. What? Yeah, yeah, I made that decision. And I don't regret it was the best. It was one of the best things I did.

That is amazing, man. And you know, it's still not even first, you know, look at you and say, why are you flying 20 hours to go to some conference, right? That you don't even know the guy you just saw online. You're just gonna go and do this crazy thing, you know? But uh, but hey, man, I mean, you go out there, you never know who you meet. You never know what you learn it can completely drastically change the course of your life.

So, really agree. I didn't know what was going to happen in terms of what, you know what the event was going to be like. But I just really made a promise to myself to just show up. And then I'll let, I'll let the universe handle the rest for me in terms of, you know, meeting people, and I just thought if I invest in myself to that level, I know I'm going to attract people who will want to invest in me, whether that's in monetary terms of relationships, I knew that was going to happen. And yeah, I guess with that confidence, gave me clarity and, and yeah, thankfully enough, I we were able to attract one another as well. And it just goes to show that that way of thinking is very powerful. And it works for anyone, especially, you know, for people who are 20 hours away from you.

So true. So, true…

Can you tell us a little bit about how your experience was at the Grant Cardone’s Conference, and your biggest takeaways from it?


The atmosphere to be honest, you could try to explain it to people. But unless you were there, it's very hard to put into words. So, for example like you and I can say, yeah, it was like on fire and you would know exactly what I'd be talking about because literally it was you know, there was fire there. But for us to say how incredible it was. I have to I have to make it very clearly that the person that I was prior to the event was not at the level that I should have been playing it. And I've thankfully enough been able to have my own personal transformation, just from three days with people, you know, with like-minded people. With the speakers on stage. My identity has been now aligned with my goals and my vision for my life, that is the that's the powerful thing. We all have goals, we all have aspirations, but unless our identity is attached to those goals, you won't be making those moves at that larger or that bigger scale. So that's what 10 x did for me, it really shifted my identity and put me in alignment for where I want to be, whether it's five years, 710 years plus, now I know I'm in the right place in the right state of mind and spiritually as well. And it's crazy because I did not think that was going to happen. I just thought I was going to go to this really cool event, have an awesome experience and then come home and you know, get a bit of South Beach while I'm at it, but yeah, it really it really shifted my identity. I think another thing too, is meeting people who, who naturally want to see you when they want to. They want to push you and they want to be your mirror without you even asking for things as well… you don't get that back home with your existing family and friends, because they love you so much. They want to protect you. They don't take risks. Don't lose out on your money, you've worked hard to be patient, whereas people at 10X, were telling me, no, do it now. Like you're ready to do it. Now take a risk. You're so you're overqualified, you know, do it, go for it. I'll introduce you to this person, I'm sure and that's how kind of we happened as well. And that was a difference to the people that just want to see you win. And if they couldn't help you, they will try their best to connect you to someone that would help you. And that was just you can't put a price on that. That was an incredible experience for me.

So, so true.

Yeah, I think a big takeaway for me was, if I don't put myself out there, I will not only lose out on my goals and my vision, but there's going to be someone out there that will lose, because they never were never exposed to my gifts and talents. So if I don't win in life, there's going to be someone that's going to lose out. Because I know that I have those talents and those gifts to give to them. So 10 exploit out what that side of me out as well in terms of you have to get out there. You have to invest at a higher level, you need to achieve that impact income and freedom for yourself and your family. So then that way you're you grow into the person who can serve your community at a at a much higher level. And that's Yeah, that's where 10 came in and helped me become more confident in that. So that was probably the biggest takeaway for me, for sure.

That is awesome. And so, so true, and then comment on how a lot of people in your life sometimes will limit you because they say, Oh, well, you know, slow down. You know, don't go too fast. Don't put your stuff out there. Know this that reserved survival mindset got a conference like this you're surrounded by so many people that are that are right now and never know again like said who you'll meet and then to potentially put you for.

That's awesome. Outstanding.

Thank God so cool. I'm sorry I don't want to hear me speak don't speak definitely I think I'm good and just be each other's neuro even though we may be in different industries, you know, you do align with the core values and the purpose behind what you're doing and I think that's infectious, it's magnetic. You can't find that everywhere you go. So you have to put your put you have to put yourself in those environments where you're going to meet those people because you're not going to meet them by sitting in your lounge room or going to the same places all the time. Hanging out with the same people. You need to change it up. And yeah, just honestly super thankful that I that I made that decision.

Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Can you give us a little background on yourself?  What you do out in Australia?


For sure. So I guess in the early days when I was born in Sydney, Australia, very loving family, I was raised by a beautiful and compassionate mother. Unfortunately, at three months of age, my parents divorced. So my father, when I was quite young, I grew up. I had an amazing childhood. I was always playing sports; I was very athletic. I excelled in school, you know, I'd get I'd get the good jobs. I went to university. I did everything that you know, society kind of says yeah, this is how you can become successful. So I taped those boxes, and I was thriving as a kid but behind the scenes there was quite a bit of suffering as well. You know, growing up at home with my mom, as a sole parent, we were financially broke. We weren't thriving at all financially. And it was quite hard to witness her struggle as a sole parent. But for some reason I beat all those odds. And it wasn't that I was any more special than another kid. It's just when I look back at things, I had a really empowering mentor in my life. And that one mentor was my mother. So naturally, I fell into that whole wanting to serve young people and to show them that, you know, all it takes is having that one mentor and that mindset for to win. And yeah, that helped me become a high school teacher. I went to the University of Sydney, I graduated as a PE teacher, went into the education system, wanting to serve youth and educate them. And it was great. I was enjoying what I was doing. I was helping a lot of young kids, but I wanted more for myself.

So I started to travel around the world. I worked on summer camps in America, got that whole experience under my belt. And then I came back home, and I realized kids were thriving in classrooms as much as they were on camps. So I fell into the whole mentoring coaching world for young people. And I loved it. So I didn't necessarily feel like I was I belonged in the classroom. So I started to tap into different platforms. Then, from that, because I was growing my own business, I started to learn more about business and investing etc. And I came across the whole, you know, how to build wealth, what's the real platforms to tap into? And I realized that it was investing in high earning assets. And for me personally, when I was learning that I realized that I was missing out and the kids were missing out because I wasn't teaching them how to invest, I felt like a hypocrite in the classroom. Because I knew that it was great to teach the kids how to love themselves and how to be confident. But if they are broke, they are going to be so unhappy in life, because I am unhappy because of the financial stress that my mom has gone through and come into today as well. The reason why I do what I do is to create that freedom for my family, especially my mother. So that's when I started to look into different ways to educate youth. And I realized that when I came across people like Robert Kiyosaki, for example, he was highlighting how schools teach kids to come employees and they don't teach them how to become investors and business owners. That hit home for me because I was a teacher who, who went through that system, obviously, like all of us, but I was still not teaching kids how to invest in become business owners. So I personally stepped out of the education system. I decided to learn about how to become a business owner. And then I realized the way I was educating youth had changed. Because when you grow as an investor or a business owner, your personal development grows in a whole different level. And that was my yeah, I love teaching personal development. So my content excelled. My impacting kids had excelled because my business was growing, and I was growing. And yeah, I just I never looked back in terms of going back to the classroom full time as a teacher. And yeah, I guess it was really powerful for me because I didn't want kids to grow up. You know, worrying about money like how I did, or you know, witnessing their parents struggle, especially with divorced parents. And I guess that's where it’s kind of brought me today, where I continue speaking to youth as a motivational speaker in schools. I go out and talk about mindset skills, leadership etc. But where I've really fallen into my core purpose now is to help other leaders become speakers in schools and colleges, where they can share their expertise and their knowledge with students. So then that way we can create more leaders in society.

My honestly, my biggest reason for this is to create more business owners and investors. Right? And schools aren't doing that. So I want to target the leaders, so they can go, and they can educate the young people, and especially parents and help them realize that don't rely on schools to teach your kids how to make money. Schools have one purpose and that's to teach to academic outcomes, and they are phenomenal at it. They do their job, right. But they're not teaching your kids how to make money and multiply money. So you have to invest in other leaders, seminars, speakers, mentors, and you'll see so then you can teach your people how to make that money. Because they say they say money doesn't make you happy. But you know, break being broke doesn't make you happy either. And I've been broke. And I'm telling you now, doesn't matter how spiritual you are. Oh, how much gratitude live, you are broke, you are going to be so unhappy.

That is so true, Lenita. Oh my goodness. That's such a good word.

Yeah, so I yeah, I transitioned out of the education system. I love being a teacher, but I knew I had to evolve. So for the kids’ sake, and for my sake and my family's freedom, I have to step it up and invest in myself further. Yeah. And that's what brings me here today. T

here you go. Exactly. That is exactly what brings you here and we are excited to have you because we know that the importance there for, for teaching your kids and setting them up for financial success. It's huge. It's absolutely huge.

Can you tell us a little about the program you are creating?


Yeah, I have created it. I'm very excited in terms of launching that out. It's my three-step blueprint on how to become a thriving and a paid youth speaker. I find that for me personally, there was two. There were two reasons why I wanted to become a youth speaker. I wanted to firstly empower youth at a larger on a larger platform and teach them the essential skills like personal development and financial literacy. But then I also wanted to learn a high-income skill that would allow me to make an income and position myself to invest in real estate. Because our nine to five jobs don't let us they don't we don't have much room to breathe in our normal nine to five whereas when you learn a high income stream you, you're able to, you know, make a good amount of money and store that for your high earning investments. So there was two motives behind why I wanted to become a speaker. And then from my own experience, now I love to teach influences entrepreneurs, investors, you know, teachers, etc., on becoming a speaker in schools, to empower our youth, but also create the income that's going to give you that freedom. So it's a win-win for all of us, which I'm absolutely passionate about. So it's a three-step blueprint. I go through how to, you know, come up with your message. So your story is the first and foremost your main reason why you want to do this. There's no point talking to kids if you don't like talking to kids. But becoming a speaker and sharing your story is powerful. And it allows you to become an expert in your field quite quickly because you're seen as the expert when once you step on the stage.

So the purpose behind why you want to share your story and how to how to craft your signature to… that's the first step that I help my clients and my audience go through. The biggest thing for me is to start with your heart. Because if your heart's not in your own story, then other people aren't going to connect to that as well. And there are a lot of raving personal growth. And they will look to leaders like yourself, and, and a lot of men and women in society where they want to hear your story. Even if you don't think your story is good enough. Honestly, we all have something to share with young kids. And the second they see you coming to a school that will be in all and they will ask so many questions and I want to get to know you. So the first step is the message.

The second step I go through is the market. So you need to know where you want it where you want to speak, where to find the schools. In terms of Do you want to speak in schools? Do you want to speak in colleges, or do you want to have your own platform where you want to host your own workshops and you know, your seminars, etc. The other Unity's are endless. This is why I'm so excited because there are there are millions and millions of schools worldwide. And you can tap into your own backyard with so many opportunities that exist already. Whether you're in Australia or in America or in Europe, there are schools everywhere with kids who are craving your story and your voice. And I help people find those schools. So they can start and also just go through the marketing side of things as well. It's great that you want to talk to kids, but your platform online, should not be talking to the kids, they should be talking to your buyers and who's going to book you into schools, etc.

And the last one is obviously the important one as well, is the money side of things. That's the last step in the process, how much money you're going to be making as a speaker, how much how much money you can earn so you can put that back into your assets etc. And also sharing your expertise beyond the stage if you want to do that. So if you want to teach kids financial literacy, then creating your own programs or your own books and giving that to, to your audience would be phenomenal. So this is what I'm really excited about. I go through a coaching program with my clients, I help them get into schools and craft their message, to really just, you know, love, enjoy sharing their story and joy growing as a speaker, and also to give back to the community. Because as I said, there are a lot of young people who would love to hear your message, and we all have a message to share.

Amen. Wow, that is awesome. Lenita, I'm telling you, that it is an amazing program. And I know that something that's so valuable. I mean, even just for the fact that you can learn how to talk to your children about finances, about the importance of setting themselves up for success down the road. I mean, it's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

That's a very important point in terms of becoming everyone is a speaker. So whether they whether we are speakers on stage and getting paid to speak or we are parents speaking to our kids, we need to, we need to be able to craft a very compelling message so our younger audience can understand, and we need to talk their language. Young people are, are craving knowledge. And because they're not getting it in school, they're getting it from social media, whether it's appropriate knowledge or not, is a different story. But social media has boomed. A craving it and they going on social media to learn. And I personally, that's what I did, too. I've learned so much from mentors on social media because my, my degree or my existing educational courses weren't giving me that. So that's I don't blame kids for being on social media because they're not getting that knowledge from schools. So it's very important as parents as well to, to really craft your message do you want to teach them how to invest or how to make money, even if it's simple things on how to become a respectful adult, being consistent with that message, plant that seed at such a young age, and they will carry through that into, you know, into their adult into their adulthood. You know, I'm an adult, and I still remember what my mother instilled in me when I was a young kid, and I'm sure you can relate to that as well. So yeah, the biggest thing from a teacher's perspective, you know, we spend a lot of time with kids in schools, but it's, we have one type of responsibility, and then there's a whole different responsibility coming from the home, and we don't want to lose that connection with the home as well. Parents cannot rely on schools to teach their kids how to make money.

Invest. I keep saying that it's really important because there are kids to today that are still asking why are we learning trigonometry? Why are we learning calculus? Why do I have to learn this? This is not going to help me in my career. And the reason why they are they say this is because the curriculum is outdated. And they know that they can make money much quicker, because they see influences online doing it. So parents, please jump on this, try to jump on a similar familiar page as your young kids because they are being exposed to a different world online. And it's hard for them to balance between school and social media. So you have to you have to take that responsibility and, and teach them the essential life skills, because schools just don't have that platform. Unfortunately, they're working hard. They're doing a lot for academic side of things. When it comes to the future of your child's financials, you have to take that responsibility and help them take that responsibility very early on in life. Because the quicker they can learn how to make money and manage it, the more the more freedom they can have. And the less stress from you as a parent as well. You don't want your kids living at home until they're 40 because they don't know how to manage their finances. Teach them now and, and I it doesn't matter how young they are, like I talked to 12-year old, and it was just yesterday, I was speaking to a 13-year-old he's in grade seven. He is great at you know, designing Instagram at pictures and quotes, etc. And he was, yeah, and he really wants to learn how to make money so he could save it and so he's so cute. He wants to give his mom a present, which that's too adorable. But yeah, there are keep thinking about these. So parents, honestly, your children are thinking of you so much teach them how to make money so they can give back to you and spoil you as well.

Exactly. That is awesome. Lenita, this was awesome. Thank you so much for all the amazing value that you brought to the show. I mean, this episode in and of itself is so powerful. I honestly hope that it reaches across the entire of our audience, our military and our veterans because it's an interesting topic, you know, and not one that I don't think we've ever really spoken about how to talk to your kids, and then convey a message, you know, that that they need to hear that will set them up for the rest of their life, which is awesome. So we'll have to have you on again, you know, later on and talk about this stuff. But for the sake of time, I got to take us to the bonus round. Okay, I've got three final questions for you. Just so our audience can get to get to know the person behind…


What is your favorite book?


My favorite book? Oh, that's a tough question. So I love obviously to read a lot of books. But one that really stood out to me is by vision, a vision like Lani. It's called the code of the extraordinary mind. And what he really highlights in that book is to question the rules in society. What have we been learning through our entire life, we've been conditioned in a certain way, isn't really the right way of living. And who made up these rules, and he highlights how rules were not made up were made up by people that possibly no smarter than us. So we have to question those rules. And that really helped me in my personal career and personal development, and also for the young people as well. And that was the biggest thing, the biggest takeaway from that book, the code of the extraordinary mind definitely has to be one of my top five. That is awesome. All right.

I've never heard of that book, but I'm definitely gonna look that up because that's

Who is your biggest hero and why?


Okay, so I'm a fan of mentors and following people, etc. But to be honest, I have to come back to the core, the core inspiration behind my life's work and that's my mother. She honestly has to be my hero. The I don't know how she did it with, you know, two children. She was broke. She did everything on her own. She was able to raise. You know, I guess I like to think of someone that is doing well in society and helping young people. But when I look at her and how she lives her life and how she shows up with so much love and compassion, she definitely is my inspiration and my role model. So I have to you have to say that my hero is definitely my mother. And yeah, she just instilled in me great values when it comes to serving people, and I'm very thankful that she showed up the way she has in in my life and other people's lives. So definitely my mother has to be my hero.

All right, well and must be an amazing woman because to produce someone as awesome as you make sense. Tell her I said.

What are three nuggets of wisdom you would like to share with those who are just getting started in Real Estate investing?


The first one will be just start. We, we tend to think too much and we want everything to be perfect. And I know myself being a teacher, we want everything perfect on paper. Before we execute, whether it's investing in real estate, or you know, going for that relationship or launching a business, you have to just make the decision to start and start manifesting those goals. And the rest will follow. But you need to take that risk by just starting. And you don't need to know how yet. Just figure out your purpose and why you want to do it. And then you'll figure it out as you go.

The second one is, you're never too. You're never too young to start, and you're never too old to start. So age should never be a factor in pursuing whatever it is that you want for yourself, whether you have kids, whether you're married or whether you're single, or whether you're, you know, coming out of college. The reason why you're on this podcast right now is because you already know that you're worthy of something more. So age is definitely not affected here. Your heart is the factor here and you're ready and you have more than enough to go after what you want. So definitely age you're never too old or you're never too young to start.

The last one which is my favorite piece of wisdom that I've received in my life is don't expect everyone to understand your grind when God did not give them the same vision so when you have this… Yeah, it really and I carry this with me and it gives me goosebumps when I talk about it. But I carry this with me all the time. There is you have that one vision and you know, that you want to execute, and you want to go for it. You have to be comfortable enough to understand that not everyone will join you on your journey. But that's completely okay. And I think that's necessary, because if you have too many people around you, it can be quite distracting. So focus on yourself, stay in your lane, go for it, grind it out, and you will achieve everything that you want for yourself. Just don't expect everyone to join you on the ride because not everyone deserves a seat at your table. But um… Yeah, but that's really my top three for you.

Well, from a wise woman all the way from Australia, we need a… we salute you, thank you so much for all your have all your advice for your help and, and we're definitely gonna stay in touch because we got to bring you on again for another special especially to see how you're doing with this program. Now once you've gotten some lift off with it.

That's great. Yeah, sure, for sure. I'm excited.

So definitely next time we touch base, there'll be more and lots of lots of stories and lots of stories itself. Sure for sure. So how can our listeners get in touch with you?

Definitely. So they can find me on all social media channels. At Lenita Abouchabake. I know it's quite a long name, such a mouthful. But if you can provide that link and we'll just go find me on social media, Facebook, Instagram, and putting out a lot of content at the moment in terms of, you know, videos, posts, really providing a lot of value for you guys, so don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Awesome. Awesome. So I have connections to all those links show notes page has reached out to Lenita, thank you so much. And it's been amazing.

Thank you, Mike. Thank you so much.



Wow, so incredibly powerful. Thank you so much for your time. And your amazing message because I know that that just inspired a lot of people. Oh, man, it gives me goosebumps just listening to this podcast all over again. Alright, so thank you so much, guys for your time. Make sure you hit subscribe. I told you we are bringing some awesome guests here to the show. You did not want to miss it. All right. Make sure that you guys are getting the notification come because we are going to bring it let's do it. Alright, anyway, if you guys have not checked out our surface part page make sure that you go check that out, also www dot x Ed passive income. com If you're ready to get started on building your financial freedom schedule will call, figure out what's going on how we can help you out if you need accountability. We offer mentorship and coaching to help you get through the pains of getting started right. Well that's going to do it for me. I'm out of time. Catch you later.


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