ADPI_050: 'Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable' With #1 Best Selling Author Eric Upchurch

Apr 24, 2019

Episode Transcription: 


Hey, what's going on guys welcome to the active duty passive income podcast super excited for another episode hope you guys had a great weekend if you were a member of the Navy team My condolences I feel your pain so much you know try it again this year and unfortunately came up short. But uh. I guess there's always next year right? Anyway, hope you guys are doing great out there super excited to introduce to you Eric up church our COO as you know if you're part of our community.





Hey, what's going on guys? Welcome to the activity passive income podcast. Oh, man. Get excited. We've got Eric Upchurch. He is the man with the plan. Whoo. What's up, dude? What's going on Mike? Glad to be on. Thanks for having me. Not that you had a choice that would have made I would have made it here one way or the other. But I thank you, man. I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity here. Ahh man, get out of here dude. I'm talking to celebrity right now. Talking to the best selling author! Likewise. Yeah. Hey, for those folks. You don't know Eric Upchurch. You're wrong. First of all, but second of all, right. He is it the man on our team He is most important, the turnkey man, the guy that you want to go to. If you are looking for deals, right? If you're looking for mentorship and help, he is the man that pretty much knows everything that's going on. Not only that, he's our COO. And he's a bestselling author. So that's pretty cool. Yeah, I take it. Yeah, man. But, uh, anyway, what's going on?


Can you explain to our folks out there a little bit on your background?



Sure. Yeah, glad to. For those of you who don't know who I am yet. Eric Church. I grew up in Iowa, just an Iowa kid. And, you know, meager beginnings we did okay, in the Midwest. My mom and dad separated young but they're both really hard workers. And, you know, I kind of grew up in a household where money was not discussed in my mother's household and my dad loved to talk about money so I got a little bit of peace of that I didn't love to talk about money because he didn't have a lot of it but he loved talking about strategy I you know, I was remember him talking about Janice mutual funds, and I was sitting down on his left reading the paper and looking at random stocks and just weird I had no idea what it was, but it definitely started a little spark. So anyway, yeah, but, you know, I grew up in a household where if you wanted new soccer cleats, you need to go mow lawns for it. I worked in the cornfield in Iowa, D. Tackling corn, which is arduous work, starting at the age of 12. And most of the middle schoolers got out in the cornfields and made a little extra money during harvest season. So are actually prior to harvest season. So hard work was bred into me but also learned that you know, I needed to seek opportunity. So my buddy and I had had an opportunity to move to California from Iowa about two decades ago. Now, right after high school. We actually graduated a semester early from high school today taken the opportunity to move to California. And we lived in our friend of our families guesthouse in Carmel and the kind of the Monterey area familiar with California and were able to live in that house for free granted, with the caveat that we had to feed her horses while she was on book tour. She was a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and just a great opportunity and we had to scrape by from there but we found odd jobs and such and that one thing led to another there and ended up going to community college which was great great kind of foothold to get into transfer to the university so it transferred to UC Santa Barbara where I met my wife and then after college I was doing two things I was a Bellman at the Four Seasons which was pretty sweet to have your office in Santa Barbara overlooking you know the Montecito hills and the ocean you know, working with celebrities checking in celebrities issues, they work with helping out celebrities, but that was kind of cool for an eye. Oh, good to be checking people in that I see on the on the big screen. Then. I was also at the same time I didn't know what I was wanting to do really what I wanted to do, right, so I was in an operating engineer. apprenticeship is some you probably didn't know about me, Mike. But I learned how to drive heavy equipment so scrapers, bulldozers, excavators, and hated it. So one day when my wife and I were driving back from the Bay Area, or my girlfriend at the time, we just kind of had a long conversation is a four-hour drive. And we had a long conversation about where we were headed and what I was going to do. And she knew I was motivated and she knew I had a lot of potentials but didn't have a direction. So you know, my dad was in the sheriff's department for 25 years. My uncle was in the DEA, retired uncle who is a Marine Corps. I have an uncle who's in the FBI. So a lot of kind of family lineage, I guess, I don't know, maybe it's in my blood. But I said what about the armed forces? Let me just look into this. So long story short there. I did a lot of research and I'll talk about this later when we discuss some of my challenges. But I like to do research. I like to try a lot of different things. So what I did was I put in a priority level I had an education I knew I didn't want to be kicking doors in and no offense, anybody who does because that is a that is a backbreaking effort for our military but I just for fear of the unknown sick I wanted to take advantage of the military but I didn't want to you know, get injured or worse so I kind of prioritized what branches and wanted to go see so I went and saw the Coast Guard recruiter then I went and see that's right shout out to the coast guard for what about the Coast Guard so when I saw the Coast Guard recorder they said not a chance man we're not hiring right now. This is in 2004 early 2004 then I went to the yeah I was gonna say your eighth grade dances still so so then I went to the airport and I said Nah man we got us in the Navy have a program called blue to green right now we're pushing people out to go into the army and so like all right let me go check out the Army's sorry Markian on and everyone else is in the Rangers listening. But the Marines are my last resort though. And I just image that I kind of a joke but the most of that was just I knew the army had, you know, at the time, like 212 different jobs. And I could kind of pick and choose where I wanted also knew that I had an advantage in that I had a degree so I had options. So what I found was that the army would take me as an officer for sure. And they would also take me as an enlisted member. And the pros and cons of that are as an officer, you get paid a little bit more, which is easy, easy enough to do the math on that because the pay structure is already laid out for you. But I knew that I had college debt and that if I went and listed the army had the Loan Repayment Program, which instead of you basically just enrolled from the GI Bill and you sign up for and enlist with the loan repayment program. So I paid off all $50,000 of my college debt and in three lump sums over three of the first six years of my term. So I had no debt, which was awesome. And I got a high grade like a $6,000 high grad bonus is being read and I came in as a specialist which is an E-4, so I got to skip, you know, though even through basic training, I was the only E-4 in the battalion and, you know, got to be a platoon guide and all this other stuff. So then from there, everything kind of changed. Once I enlisted I my perspective shift and have started to happen as far as looking at the world differently. I actually reached the turn to God because I was stressed in this environment of like a mania lot of pressure, but I wanted to perform to, you know, I really wanted to be as good as I could be doing everything that I did. So at the time through basic training, I had just recently gotten engaged. My wife was still in San for my fiance at the time, still in Santa Barbara, and I was offered nine weeks of basic training, and then I had chosen an MLS, that was 17 weeks at Fort Eustis up near you and 17 weeks, plus nine weeks away from my bride and we had a wedding planner so funny story is that what and I'll backtrack when I tell you later how this happened, or why this happened. But what God me into Special Operations was that I had a wedding to make had to make sure it wasn't late for my wedding. So when I graduated from basic training and went to advanced training had a July 31 wedding date with 120 guests coming In California, and I'm in the middle of training. It can only talk to my wife for five minutes a week, right? Yeah, and I knew and we didn't have a backup plan. So we had people come in as expensive. I was using my bonus money and every the money we could come up with, to scrape by to get this wedding to happen. And I knew that I had to perform and I was motivated to perform but it was extra motivation knowing that if I miss my wedding boy, I was in trouble. Yeah, so as a lot of you guys know, going through it in any kind of training. If you miss a test, if you fail a test if you sprained your ankle if you get addicted to whatever it is and you recycled to a class behind you you're delayed I couldn't afford that So long story short I ended up being the distinguished honor graduate for my class and what that did ultimately was selected me for Special Operations without even knowing it yeah so out of here man so I was the first to my class to get orders and the rest is history from military ended up in 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment spent all six years in Savannah Georgia Third Battalion and loved it man got to go to a lot of cool schools man I spent a lot of time talking to you about that but let me fast forward a little bit no worries so so man just like everybody else a lot of people story right you're living off post and you buy a house got this VA loan and why not I rolled in my VA loan funding fee I rolled in the closing costs bought the house for like 152 grand all said and done brand new construction about it well was deployed in Iraq and that ended up being is 2006 now. So that ended up being a property in 2010 that I couldn't sell when I when I was almost ready to ETS in 2011. And so that made me think, Okay, well, I don't have any money in this and I'm making 80 bucks a month not really profiting much because the first time the air conditioner goes out. You lose your money on Right. Exactly. But so now I'm now I'm thinking about real estate at least. So gotcha in the mindset. I also in 2005, read Dave Ramsey total money makeover, right. And that just made me start thinking about how to save and what it meant. And I'd never really put together a budget and a wife and me as newlyweds were like, let's do this. So our goal initially I'll never forget this was to save $1,000 was like all man because we had basically nothing when we when we moved to Georgia. So we're like, let's save 1000 bucks. That'd be awesome. So anyway, we were able to use that snowball kind of Dave Ramsey mindset and turn it into a great way to pay off all of our debt cars, everything. So anyway, then I moved back to California after I ETS had a solid w two job, which is excellent paid just enough to get by. We live very frugally for two years and kind of watch the market a little bit in California. And the San Francisco Bay area was expensive at the time still is but we were able to make it work again with the VA loan. And that's one cool thing that really helped me out is being able to get another deal. And I had I still had that VA loan in Georgia, I didn't have to refinance out of it. Because of the cost of living in the Bay Area, I was able to get a simultaneous VA loan in a much higher price point cheapest house we could find the time was half a million dollars and it was an attachment do wet it was a nice house in a nice neighborhood. But it was one on the lower end cost wise. So my w two jobs just gave us enough income to make that payment and we were like, I don't know if I can do it. I just don't know. But anyway, we held on to it for two years and as you know and I've written about this and I write about in our book you know we just waited 2 years all we had to do was all market appreciation was able to sell that house and then repeated a couple more times. So sorry, I kind of that's a little bit about the beginning but you know that's good now when an insight you know about you they can kind of understand who Eric Upchurch is you know, underneath the hat, right? There's so much more to me than that guys. So it was more ya know, it is dude Listen, if they're following Facebook, they can definitely see a lot about you. So if you're not, that's where you find out more about who Eric is and what he's about. So let me tell you, this dude's got so much energy absolutely love so that's awesomely awesome. That's a great story dude. And crazy about how you ended up getting a Spec Ops like that that's awesome man. I don't even know what it was I don't have any clue. So right was it was a blessing though for sure. It's a blessing for sure. And and you know and then from that you're able to you know, apply some good knowledge into you know, indiscipline into getting your first house to refinance, or I'm sorry, I paid that off right until once he sold it and then you know, getting into next one, it's awesome guys, that will be a link to an annex blog, how that he wrote for bigger pockets is awesome. So you understand how you can, you know, build some equity into your home, and then how it forces that appreciation in over time. It's good lessons. Yeah, it was able to use three different strategies in that too. So all live in flipping, but using three separate strategies for each one and very carefully thought out by me and my wife. There you go, man. Awesome.


So can you tell some of the core challenges that you had along the process of your real estate journey?



Yeah, so like my father, probably my dad likes to do a lot of even growing up he was always doing different hobbies. He was into woodcarving for a while. And then he flew RC airplanes they would build and then he would do the model building. And then he would do dog training or metal detecting and just are starting random small businesses or multiple jobs, whatever was while he was a cop on the side. And so he just I think, maybe it's in my blood. But I like learning about a lot of different things. And I haven't read this book yet. The one thing but I have a feeling this is what it's about is like picking a niche and kind of learning what makes the most sense to get where you're headed. Right, right. Um, but it's in my queue. But So my challenge, I think the biggest challenge that I that I still, you know, face every day is wanting to learn a little bit about your lot of different things. So to date, for instance, and that is a challenge for, it's a disadvantage. It's great to know things. But it's also disadvantaged because you can't focus on one thing, you can't, you know, honing focus, and my wife does a really good job about saying, Eric, well, you need to focus on one thing to get good at it. And I know where that needs to be now, but throughout my life, I'm always kind of trying to learn new things that dovetails in really well with my purpose, which is to educate, empower, and to help people grow, which is another reason that I chose to be listed because I was able to influence 27 soldiers in my squad and be their squad leader and get them on college. So that was great. But to date now and back to kind of real estate world I've done live in flips, obviously, turnkey, I've done private lending, have self directed Roth IRA, where I do first trust deed, investing tax liens, I'm invested in single and small multifamily flips and just investments buy and hold investments. And now obviously, I'm kind of transitioning to larger multifamily has a focus. So I've done a lot of different things in real estate career. And I I know, I know a little bit about a lot of things, but I'm now kind of trying to tailor that down to knowing a lot about one thing. Okay, so Okay, there's nothing wrong with that. And I think that honestly, I do think that most entrepreneurs have that whole, I guess, I guess, shiny objects, and you're maybe not sure that's a term for it. But I guess that's kind of it. And I know I suffer from my greatly to get all these awesome opportunities. And it's like, oh, I want to learn That's awesome. And when you know, that you really learn best by taking action in something, it makes it really hard for you to focus when you're tied into a bunch of different things. So man, yeah, and I want to make a distinction so I'm I'm, I definitely am aware that I seek out learning about different opportunities. But I'm also not scared to take action and all those and I do every single one of those things that I listed. I didn't just learn about it, to learn about it, I learned about it to do it. And I did, and then I get to see, like, I know, I'll never invest another tax lien. I hate them. And self-directed IRA is great. But first trustees might not be for me. So there's a lot of different aspects to each one of those that I have tried and done and learn so that now I can fulfill my life purpose, which is to educate, empower, and help people grow. For all of you listening out there, you want to know something about any of the things that I've talked about, or that Mike talks about. This is an awesome resource because we have this group, the ADPI team is comprised of all of these people that have so many different levels of understanding of each niche. And we're just expanding. So anyway, my passion now with API and just with real estate and is helping people and it sounds cliche, or whatever, but man, that's what drives me every day. If you ask any one of the ad guy members, yeah, all I want to do it is to bring somebody else up. I think that's why I succeeded as an NCO as compared to maybe a higher level officer. So absolutely agree. Absolutely agree. Man, you guys left off we get to know Eric, the longer you stay with us, they'll become very apparent. So awesome, man.


So tell us a little bit more about you and your role, right for ADPI, you know, give us some insight on some of the inner workings on what you control and what you do and how you help our guys.



Oh, man, I guess Let me start I'll start with how I was introduced ADPI please man Yeah. So so right choose start with how you got started. Yeah, I mean, a good a good you know, good partner and friend of ours now, Nathan Brooks, he owns and operates bridge turnkey. He actually so I had been messaging him about their properties. I listened to him on bigger pockets three times and said, I'm going to reach out to this guy and to see he'll even listen to me, or message me or whatever. So we got to talking on Facebook Messenger. And then he just said, Hey, have you heard about this new company or this new group on Facebook Activity Duty Passive Income he actually connected me with you and Markian and you know, shortly after probably a month later, I was part of the team. And we were ready to take this thing to new heights. And so and that I think just came from you guys seeing that my passion was similar to yours. And that I was fiercely wanting to get people educated in the real estate realm, especially military members. So yeah, I mean, that's, that's kind of how I got started with that. That's exactly All right, man. So now from kicking ass from that point. Yeah, what you got. So now where I am now is, I'm the grunt I'm the one who does all the legwork on skin man. So we put them together, right? What's really cool about this team is we all work hand in hand together. So what I do is really help connect our members get hopefully get that spark to get in, get in our community to get started in the club. And just to take some level of action, but for but ultimately, using my experiences in turnkey and connecting people to get their first deal. I mean, we're literally just making this process is so easy. We, we were just looking at some comments that we had some private comments, we had an email the other day somebody is just like, Yeah, I just don't know who to trust. I don't know what process to follow. I don't know. I don't know what I don't know. And I'm telling you, that's exactly what we're doing. And we have plenty of testimony out there. But I love hearing guys who are hungry but just don't know where to go. Well, that's exactly what we are. And that's exactly why I gravitated to ADPI and that's exactly where I want us to go is just to be able to take guys who were hungry and I'm not just to be honest guys were kicking tires are going to work out and you go to any of these seminars have been to a ton of seminars, guys who were you know, 95% of the audience is probably going to go... Yeah, this is great information and then just never go take action. We have a distinct advantage in the military that most of us are action takers. So I love that and I that that lights my fire. When I hear guys go, I want it. I'm going to learn about it. I'm going to go do it. And then if you got us on the back end going here's how you do it. And let us walk that walk with You know, it's it's it's crazy. It's a win-win. And it's awesome. It really is great. I'm a facilitator of good news so I think of myself that's true no do this yeah get you where you are the other people's success to right so so I love seeing other people's success that that right there when you hear one little thing of little positive feedback from somebody who's had a little moment of success or has had who's who's gotten to that next level man that drives me and that is that is better than any paycheck that is awesome because you're influencing somebody and I know that from my core that I'm an influencer. And I love to help people. I've said that a few times. But I didn't choose that either. That's just a personality thing. When somebody else says, Hey, dude, you help me do this. It lights me up, man. Because it's you're calling them. Yeah. So when I found it, I found it. So Amen. fortunate. That's the truth. My men. And another thing I hear too is that you know like a lot of people are scared to take that risk. But they don't realize that they're in a profession that you take the risk every single day you show and work, you know, to mean, I mean, the real estate's not hard, right, something that you always tell us in the group is why I love having you on a team. It's perspective, right. You know, while we're in the middle of trying to put things together and we're on tight timelines. And, of course, we got our job in our mission that we have to focus on, you just think about, it's like, Well, okay, you know, writing a book is not as hard as driving a ship through the Suez Canal, the middle of the night with no, no sleep, you know, like, you know, it is what it is, right. So, yeah, I really appreciate that man. And you are changing lives. So, you know, never feel bad about what you're doing, because, oh, making that difference. Who, yeah, take it. So, yeah. Alright, dude.


So let's share some insight on that turnkey process.



Yeah, so we've developed relationships with key turnkey operators in the US who provide a real turnkey process, turnkey meaning if you don't, if you're not familiar with it is really starting to finish. They buy that they buy the property, they renovate the property, anything. Typically, anything that doesn't have 10 years life left on it will be replaced. Oftentimes, you're getting brand new kitchens that are modern, brand new bathrooms that are modern, all new flooring, paint mechanicals, plumbing, even if it neat, if need be new roofs. So really the houses in that the best shape we're talking about single family here houses in the best shape it's been in since it was built. So you get you to get a look at the property, you get the due diligence folder where you can evaluate the numbers, run the numbers and do your own assessment. So is a good idea not to just go off the pro forma from the turnkey provider. But one thing that we do is help people walk through the numbers to, you know, our book in our course, the Academy, I have to pitch of course, because it's awesome, and walks you through how to evaluate properties and all that stuff. But we also have packages and stuff that offer our individual help to make sure people are, you know, getting a great deal. So if the deal is evaluated, you make sure that you are qualified to purchase and a lot of these turnkey deals are going to be in are going to be cash. And I'll let people have say, $100,000 cash. So you've got to have a down payment 20% down payment. And that can come from a lot of different ways. But then you reserve the property and you have the property inspected, and the property closes. And actually, before it closes, you can look at the scope of work and compare the property inspection to the scope of work and make sure that there aren't any items remaining that is an item like code violations, item of major concern or safety concern. Those are the major things you would want to have the turnkey company go back and look at and make sure that it is up to code and up to safety regulations, or whatever, or just saying, in general, so you're buying these two I should mention typically go and look at these things as great investments if they meet the 1% rule. That is if the monthly rent meets is 1% of the purchase price. So say you buy $100,000 house and he's to rent for $1,000 per month. That's a general rule of thumb and some of the nature houses maybe just under that some of the houses in a class C neighborhood, maybe just above that, which is a little bit nicer. But then you have a little bit more Rick of maybe tenant turnover and stuff like that. So the balance and all that. And we're good about helping people with it with those things. So by time close, you have a downpayment that goes into the deal, and then it is it is already tenanted, there's already a lease in place 12 to 24 months in a property that's been totally renovated and very nice. If you see some of these some of these deals and I own turnkey properties from our providers as well. And and they are actually my parents are now buying currently probably freeze as well, which is kind of cool. So yeah, it just it just a great way to invest in real estate passively. If you can't flip or you can't do the bird method, which bigger pockets talk about a lot, then it's a great way to put your money in an asset that is going to cash flow. Cash flowing assets is what we want. We never invest for appreciation. Always cash flow icing on the cake. Yeah, so it's just a really good way to invest passively. Awesome, man.


What is the scope of work, where do you get it from, and what does it entail?



Yeah, the scope of work is provided by the turnkey provider. And usually what that does after they get bits from the contractor there, they're going to know what deficiencies the property has that need to get renovated. So they will actually provide you with an Excel scope of work Excel, it says, What is going to be fixed, what date it was fixed, how it was fixed, if there's anything remaining to be fixed, and that's kind of the scope of work on the project, what is going to be repaired or what was repaired? Nice. Thanks, man. Yeah, that is definitely important to get guys because you want to make sure that, you know, that's year tangible way of verifying every day going in the process. So trust the verifies phrase, that's the military. Yeah. All right. So awesome, man. Appreciate it.


Let's talk about the book.



Well, it was definitely a team effort. This thing, one of the craziest things have ever done for us to I think it was on the heels of the event we went to in Chicago and we just said, All right, we're gonna publish a book in the next three months. I mean, it was you don't ever do that person so so. So thankfully, thankfully, we had you know, guys like Mitch Durfee, who is one of the co-authors who had already been through the process. And he helped out a lot, getting us to, to hit number one with, you know, certain strategies, but also, you know, we just, we just that one cool thing about this was that it was all of our collective experiences, I also have to give a shout out to mark down because the E-book that he put together was essentially the foundation for, you know, half the book, we did a lot of free writing and editing and formatting, and that three month period, but the biggest piece of it was, it was great that we're able to just use our knowledge, we don't have to do a search for look, we all added our own pieces of our own personal experiences and knowledge based on real life, military or veteran strategies that we've really used. And there's a ton if anybody hasn't read the book, just go get it somehow we've made it as cheap as we can. It's not a profit maker is just an information thing for you guys. So there's there's tons of strategies that all of the API members or team members have used to invest in real estate that we that we cover and so we were just able to incorporate that into the book without doing a ton of research and that's the only way that we were able to get this thing done in three months time but so it was it was a lot of nights and weekends and I have to give a shout out to my wife Talia for not only helping edit the book but also allowing me to stay up late and edit write format re-edit reformat the nuts process man and then you know we put a lot of hours into it That's for sure. Yeah, it is the truth man but you know it all worked out and you're right thanks to everyone in their individual part for it. Yes, listen out there you guys are awesome. And thank you too for helping orchestrate it because that's glad to be a part of it. Man, it ever still getting feedback every week to getting feedback from people were like, I just bought 20 these things and I'm giving them out to people at the MW our, or whatever, you know, and I read it to what people said, I've read it twice already is awesome. And we just, you know, looking at it from our perspective, man, we didn't know it was going to have that big of an impact. We just wanted to be able to establish ourselves in that space as an SME and the whole, that's exactly what it did. So that's what it did. You're right. But you know, it's crazy. Because it has changed people's lives. Even just mindset, right? Yep. So yeah, so we'll see. It's very exciting. And guys, if you if you haven't read it yet, please go out there and go pick it up. It's definitely a good book to page turner, for sure. And just because you to think about things a little differently. And we want to hear we want to hear from, you know, even if you think it sucks, you think it sucks? Let us know. You know. I mean, try that. Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, it's good. You know, you know, mean criticism goes both ways. Yeah, yeah. And we, we, we put in the book also that actually is at the beginning of the book and several places in the book, we understand that this book is not doesn't contain all the meat you need to be a successful military or veteran real estate investor, but it is the great a great value add to starting that spark in your life, to get your butt in gear and to do it. So it's just an if we can do it, you can type of thing to get you to start connecting and thinking of ways just to go Right, exactly. Man, this book can get you in first gear, maybe the second year a little bit, but it's not going to take you all the way there. Your action is really what's going to drive your results. Right. Great point, man. Great point. Alright, man word.


So let's talk about some exciting stuff that's coming down the pipe. As we all know that that's that's really what everyone's here and listen to. What's this? Show us show us some awesome stuff that is happening.



In the background at ADPI. We are working, first of all, got to say congrats to you full time at ADPI Mike Foster. What an honor. What a bold move and congrats to you and Cheyenne for taking that leap. Pretty awesome. Appreciate it. Man. That's so that's that's really one of the coolest things that API has going on right now is starting to think more long term we thought of 2018 as our as our walk phase was our crawl phase. 2019 is going to be our walk phase. And 2020 will be off and running. A lot of people are starting to reach out to us from a lot of different angles now and wanting to do partnerships. And, and I think the book and just our diligence in the Facebook group. And what we're doing in the community on podcasts. And just PR stuff is really putting us in a position to help a lot more veterans. And that's that's the goal after duty and veterans. And it's not about ADPI. It's about really our mission. Mike, you just did the pie in the face challenge. I wish I could call out everybody who listens to this right now. But National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, we are there supporting that cause there are 38,000 homeless veterans out there and ADPI thanks to Mike came up with this idea of just putting some whipped cream in a pie tin and calling out the National Coalition for homeless veterans and smashing it in your face. I had both my kids do it. I urge everyone on here to go on Facebook Live and just do that and call out two or three or friends. Let's get this thing rolling. Because they're doing great things for vets. And you know, the veterans deserve to be off the streets. And they do a lot more than that also. But what else we got going on? Mike, we got we're always figuring out ways to add value to every one of our members in our community. We have a ton of free things now. And we also have packages for coaching and teaching and mentorship Academy, we have the start to spark community, which we're building the priority group. And and we're going to get much more deliberate here very shortly about how the breakdown goes. But we have some really cool things that I can't quite talk about yet that are really going to add value to in like a no brainer way man. Like the things that we're doing are going to make people so successful. And it's the easiest way possible that you can do it, which is just an amazing spot we put in. So stay tuned ADPI because we're here for you guys. And we are not just here for you. We are excited. Like if you guys could hear some of our conversations. We use Voxer a lot. We are so excited to provide value to our members. And just to anybody that can reach out to us. Awesome. Yeah, absolutely guys. And Eric, he alluded to it, I am officially out of the Navy. You know, I haven't announced it yet. It will be announced later on. But you know, I'm out now. And I am a full-time ADPI. So it becomes a little challenge. But it also presents a great opportunity for us to help you guys out. And, you know, I'm focusing a lot of time now I'm taking calls, right, so I'm going to put my Calendly link in the show notes for this page. If you guys want to hop on a quick call about 30 minutes or so. Right. And just let me know where your goals are. Let me know what you know, where you're where you're headed, you know, we will field that call and we'll get you thinking grown in the right direction to add some quick value into your life and just show you, you know, some good next steps. Right. I'll double that. Mike, what's will put my calendar link on there to office hours standing. Yeah, we've got we've got a lot of stuff that we can share with guys. And if people are willing to reach out to us, we got to do everything we can. So awesome, man. I'll see that. That's my time. Even after hours if I have to.That's why I love about this. Man. You guys have no idea. But this dude works. Like how many jobs you are a man like, really real talk. You mean at least five buddies. Something like that. Crazy. Right? But still, love it. I love it. Yeah. Well, clearly, you know, I mean, it's awesome. And, you know, that's outside of the stuff that you're doing for yourself and your family. Right. So, you know, I mean, you definitely don't have to be doing this man. But you You definitely inspire all of us on the team. And I know you inspire those outsiders. So keep doing what you're doing. Man. Keep hard charging. Yeah, Eric's link will be part of my part of my perspective. And part of my perspective it is that I'm clear with is that I love influencing people. And I found my I found my passion. So that's it. There's no other reason to live. You know, it's kind of funny, funny story real quick. When I realized I realized this, I've been developing this kind of abundance mindset and thought process. And I'll talk about a little bit of that when you asked about some of the readings later. But man I'm sitting in LA traffic two years ago, probably for my w two jobs just sitting there and a rental car is actually had to have happened to be a maroon Dodge minivan or something like and I'm sitting there just looking at my hands on the wheel. And I'm looking to my left with my Ryan and I'm going I am so insignificant and I remember saying that it sounds kind of doom there's but like, I really started thinking, Man, I gotta, I gotta get out and like, make a difference. What am I doing? I, you know, I was doing take an action in real estate still, and I'm doing things for myself and whatever. But I was like, I gotta help. Just like, as an NCO, I made all 27 of my soldiers start a college application and set a curriculum to go to college. Like those are just things that I know that I can do for people. So if I didn't have little moments like that, and we call aha moments or whatever, it wouldn't be where I am today wouldn't have connected with you guys I wouldn't have reached out to Nathan Brooks. I wouldn't have done all those little things so you got to take a moment and take advantage of this is your moment may be right now when I'm calling you out and saying connect with Mike connect with me on Calendly and have a quick phone call. Just do that it'll change the course of your life. And so I've had a bunch of those little moments like that if I would have done something differently. My life wouldn't be the same as it is now which I love I found my passion and I love it so Amen. Brother. Amen God-man. It's an inspiring dude. super inspiring. So make sure you guys go out and connect with them. I'm like at the moment right now. I'm feeling in the spirit. I love you. Alright, dude. So let's let's take you to the bonus round...




What is your favorite book, my man?



So I'm a big mindset guy. Everyone says you know Rich Dad Poor Dad. I don't know if that was my favorite book that was definitely a GET STARTED type of book cashflow quadrant is a good one that happened. I'm just going to lay out some of them here cashflow quadrant was a good one. Because I realized that I I need to be in the I quadrant in the investor quadrant, not in the in the employee quadrant or whatever. So but the biggest effect the book that had the biggest effect on me was thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. So okay, that is a good one. Because it was written like in the 20s or something is just so true. It's awesome, right? So I'm Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, that that's a huge mindset book. And that's just like if you believe you can achieve the type of type of stuff, which and i also got to urge people to go and this is super cheesy, but go on YouTube and watch the secret it's just about like laws of gravity. And, you know, the whatever you put out in whatever energy you put out there in the world is what you're going to start to receive back, the world's going to start to seek a way to give you that energy back. Right. And, you know, that's also why we write our goals down every day. Because you're literally transferring energy from your brain through a pen to a pad of paper that I mean, that's kind of a granola thing. I guess. I'm not really into that stuff. But I do believe in energy, transferring energy, and just putting it out there. I go to a shopping mall. God forbid if ever go to a shopping mall. I always say I'm going to find the best parking spot the parking spot gonna be right up front. It's gonna be awesome. I'm loving in the park there, and I'm not gonna have to get out in the rain. And I'll tell you, it happens more than not, it's crazy. Sounds crazy. But I saw on a big asset book. Okay, that's awesome. Yeah, maybe a that YouTube video? Is that like a series? Or is that like, No, I just a one-time thing called the secret. Yeah, it's a great put. You should put that in the notes. Yeah, I'm not looking for that. And put that in the notes. Maybe if you don't mind if you have it, like a quick link or something. If your mindset tosses that in. Alright, sweet deal, dude. All right. Question number two. You already know it.


Who's your biggest hero, and why?



I think right now it's got to be David Goggins Navy SEAL who was overweight. He was running through a park one day, I'm paraphrasing, I might screw this up. It was run through a park one day he was fat and he is lazy. And he was just like, you just made a decision. He's like, I'm gonna be a navy seal. He said. He was tired, run through a park or day, sat down on a rock something like this. And you just like, I can't believe this. I'm gonna, I'm gonna go be a navy seal. And so he did. I mean, he went through all the stuff. He was the things like a rock in the water, but he, I mean, he's still he's crazy. If you haven't seen, David Goggins, connect with them on Facebook watch what he does on Instagram dude is insane Nor or listen to him on Joe Rogan or Jocko Willis podcast because he's a beast. I mean, he runs like, he'll just go out and run a 100-mile ultra race and break every bone in his feet. And still, complete the race. Because he can. So you know, and a lot of the mind over matter stuff is crazy. Because in he talks about this lot, and we learned a lot in, you know, kind of how, I don't know if we, they teach it, but you've learned it in special operations. Some of the training we did is really like you think you're, you think you're done, right? You think you're just spent, you can't do anymore. Your body is really only like 40% of its capacity, your mind? Is it 100% so if you do have mindset shift, and that, again, is perspective and mindset stuff, but like you just have to think that you can more often and you can drive through some of the craziest things and he's a testament to that. It's amazing what he does and what he has done. Yeah, that is absolutely epic. Dude, I honestly do believe that that's crazy. Yeah, that's good here to choose the word, man.


Alright, so let's take it to the Nuggets, bro. What do you have?



All right. So a couple of golden nuggets for you people who are listening and not sure. I would say first off, take a look at your life. Are you an eself starter? You know right now, just by thinking about the Are you a self-starter Are you somebody who needs help. If you're somebody who feeds off other people's energy, you're somebody who needs help. And I don't mean like self-help, Woe is me. Again, I need help. I mean, just somebody who feeds off other people's energy and just does better in a group exercise class, then at the gym by themselves. That's true. If you are a self-starter, you're driven, you've been successful, maybe you started a business, a side hustle, you're getting things done when, when no one's looking, that's a self-starter, right. So know which of those categories you fit into, and then attack your mission based on or your life purpose based on which one of those are. So that's number one. If you are the type that needs assistance or feeds off other people's energy is the best way to put it, get a baseline education, I've done this, I've paid thousands of dollars for guru training that really just led me to have some great relationships down the road, because I didn't take appropriate action at the time. But get a baseline education, whether it's booked, podcasts, basically, you want to know enough to be dangerous. And I say that not a not a bad way, but know enough to be damned, and whatever you're trying to do. So just learning the baseline of whatever you're trying to tackle, whether it be real estate, or whatever your thing is, hopefully, it's real estate, because here we are talking about it. But so baseline education and the third one is get coaching because everybody needs a coach, even the highest level athletes in the world need coaching, right? I need coaching. I have coached. I have mentors, you have coaching and mentors. You talk about that in the book. Also, mentors lead you to where you are today. Just by happenstance, almost one thing led to the next thing and then you kept on hearing one thing over and over again, you're like, hey, I need to do that. So coaching mentorship, get it and it's not too hard to find people who are willing to help other people you're talking to two of them right here are listening to do right here. And I always think of it as like a father guides his son, right? I might two boys and I try to give them guidance and have conversation with them and night about if you listen to me and you take in the information I can save you some level of pain, whether or not physical pain or just you know, pain learning or whatever it comes straight to the source and I can give you that mentorship. And so like a father, God's his son, the last one is should be great for everyone listening to this. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You've got to be okay for me right now on cold calling brokers like you wouldn't believe. Like I'm I'm cold calling at least six brokers across the country a day. Because why not? What's the worst thing can happen? They can't jump through the phone and strangle me. There's, nothing bad's gonna happen to get uncomfortable. get uncomfortable calling, getting a hold of Mike when you post his calendar link. Go in there and sign up for a call free call for Mike. You can see him right here. You can hear his voice. We're not free. And he's not going to attack it's there's no big deal, right? So get it and get comfortable. being uncomfortable is kind of my last tidbit because that is what is going to make sure that you succeed. Your success is on the other side of fear and comfortability. Amen. Amen. Great way to end it. Dude, that was powerful. Listen, guys, if you guys haven't picked up yet, you need to pick up on it. Just come reach out to us because we're available and we are here or you all right. So make sure you get in touch with Eric get in touch with myself one of our team members you know as I said, we're here for you guys and we are here to see you guys succeed. We want to see you guys succeed and we want to hear about it after you do so. Yes. So please guys subscribe to this channel. Make sure you guys leave a review to let us know how we're doing right let us know how we can improve because you know this is again for you guys so and ask Mike about Rapid Deploy. I'll leave you that challenge. Whoever listens to this asked Mike foster about rapid deploy and he'll tell you all about it. There it is asked about it. And I promise you I'll tell you about it because it is exciting. All right. Who Yeah, man thank you so much for your time. I know you got stuff you got to get off to but appreciate it. Keep killing brother Talk to you later.





All right. All right. All right. Well, hey, there it is. Man. You heard him if you guys want to know more about rapid deploy, make sure you please get in touch and also if you want to find out more about what's going on get involved the community right there's no better way all right come hit up our Facebook group or check out a website if you are ready to take action and you accomplish your goals. You better at least scheduled call with us. All right, so we can get on the same page. Figure out what you're going to help you on your journey. All right. Super excited to have you guys here. Thank you so much for all your time. Thank you for your service. Thank you for what you guys do and keep kicking ass right meta-time. So I think I'm going to get out of here. I don't really have much else to say but not a lot of stuff to get to. And I got some calls to hop on to talk to all of you care. Ciao.


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