ADPI_039: Greetings From Atlanta

Nov 03, 2018

Episode Transcription:

Hey freedom fighters welcome to the active duty passive income podcast. The only place where military members, veterans and their families learn how to build wealth through real estate investing.

I'm your host Mike Foster and I'm here to show you how to stop wasting your benefits. Now get off your ass, step up to the firing line and make ready for today's lesson. Shooter stand by.  

Hey what's going on guys? Welcome to the active duty passive income podcast. Thank you so much for supporting our military real estate investing movement. This has been such an amazing journey and I wanted to take this time to thank you right the listener out there for your support. If you haven't gotten a copy of our new best-selling book, military house hacking you need to go do it.

Go to Amazon right now and get the digital copy or get the paper copy and go through it guys. We teach you how to live for free, earn passive income and create generational wealth. This is an amazing book and I am super blessed to have you know put it together with an incredible team our forward was written by rod Khalid. Who ironically I'm here to see. There is a multi-family boot camp in Atlanta this weekend and I am here for it. It’s amazing.

I absolutely love you know the network that I'm that have been meeting.  His boot camp is incredible. So you definitely need to check it out if you are interested in getting into the multifamily space. Which you know and my recommendation a lot of you should. you know when that market collapses multifamily will probably perform and by probably I mean the number support right that multifamily will perform the biggest and you know a lot of that reason is because when you know people start losing jobs or you know whatever when life happens right and they can't afford to live in the home that they have, what do they do? They rent right. They go back to something that's a little smaller, a little more affordable for them to manage and they go and they rent.

So on all those multifamily properties that are like 50 units, 100 units plus right. Those are the ones that typically perform the best during these you know downturns if you will in the market. So keep an eye on it right. If it's not something that you have considered, definitely look into it. because it's something that will end up you know happening the market is going to shift at some point right and so on that note right while the market shifts, you know what is going to be the most valuable thing that you will have during that downturn?

Education. education is critical and kudos to you for starting now/ because when that market does downturn, you will have all the skills and the tools and the knowledge available to take advantage of it and to really make a lot of money okay. That is absolutely critical and anyone who tells you different is a fool. Alright because so many people made money in 2009, in 2010, in 2011. If you look at any individual today right that's got hundreds or thousands of units that is likely because they started collecting them in 2009, 2010, 2011 right after that market tanked you know and you know they had the education.

They had the background, and they had the team to do it. But you can do this as well. It’s surprisingly not as hard do you think, I promise you guys. You just need to have the right system in place and you need to stay committed. If you don't stay committed to anything in life it will not you know pan out for you in the long run, it won't. Because you are in it and then you're not you're in it and you're not and it's becomes it almost becomes like the stock market in a way you know if you think about it right.

Think of it as a linear graph. If you're in something and then you're not in something you're going to create a little wave or a constant you know a volatile cycle in your own life. Whereas if you are in something consistently over day in and day out, it's going to go. It’s going to go for you and it's going to go up. Because you have that drive, you have that passion, you have that persistence to push forward no matter what.

You guys can do this okay. You absolutely can. I've been learning so much at this multi-family boot camp. I'm so excited. Really just excited to you know to get into something new. When it comes to real estate I absolutely love learning new things. I've never done a multi-family deal. But I'm excited to have the opportunity to do one here very soon and now that I'm building my network, which is really the most important you know piece of it; I will be able to reach out to other folks and to you know ask them for their wisdom, ask them for their guidance and maybe also be able to partner with them too you know. It’s great, absolutely great.

I'm sorry if you guys are hearing me and my voice is shot man. This has been an incredible week excuse me. It’s been an absolutely incredible week. You know we launched the book, we got number one best-selling author. We come here to this thing I've been shouting every day it's been great. I went out salsa dancing last night with Mitch Durfee, awesome awesome guy. Just really got the chance to get to know him and he helps you know co-author our book. Which is incredible. So absolutely shameless plug for Mr. Fee you need to go check him out all right. go hit him up on you know social media and go see what he's all about, incredible dude.  

But yeah man you know I absolutely love this weekend. I love the time that I'm having here it's definitely great to go out and just do something different. I've actually never been to a real estate investing conference before, I've never been. I've been to meatus right, I've been to I guess small group like discussions and whatnot. I've hosted to small group discussions before.

Be on the lookout if you're in the Hampton Roads area, we're going to be doing another meetup here in a few weeks setting that up right now, and I’ll have a date to follow. But yeah definitely go out and do a real estate investing conference. Be careful for the ones you have to pay a lot of money for okay. Now understand that you know you may or you almost more than likely will have to pay something right to go to these things.

But don't pay thousands and thousands of dollars just to go to one of these if you know that it's you know that rather you don't pay thousands and thousands of dollars if you don't know about the guy who's hosting it. Okay you get to know the guy who's hosting it first or the girl right could be a girl, excuse me. But get to know the person who is hosting it. If they have a podcast listen to the podcast, if they've got you know videos listen to that. But just really get to know them and understand what you're going into. You know Rod Clef is an amazing amazing soul.

He’s so passionate about helping other people. He’s very passionate about the mindset behind why you want to get wealthy right and he makes that such an amazing part of his boot camp right, of his conference. Always taste you know the time to kind of pause and reflect and say hey why are we here? What are our goals? Right what's our vision? What do we want to do long-term? It’s incredible. I'm going to try my hardest to get rod on our podcast.

Because I really think you guys need to hear his message and I'm super excited to you know have this experience and to meet him and really super blessed you know for him to have written the foreword for our book, wow man it's amazing and I really hope you guys do go out there and read it. Because it's one of those you know books that will give you that aha you know moment right. It’ll kind of shake up your thinking and challenge everything that you've known so far right and it'll get you started right.

It just starts that little spark inside you that makes you want to go out and learn more or do more right and its exciting man. It’s really exciting to I've done it. It’s really exciting to see what's going to come from it. You know we've had so much support and reviews well with it already. You know we, one of the gentlemen that we had on the podcast his name is buddy rushing he owns white feather investments. 

He you know came back to us and he told us he was so passionate about it you know he's going to go out there and buy it for you know his folks, they're learning, they're looking to get started and it's just so inspiring you know it really is to see how much you know the community is rallying behind us and trying to get this word out there and we appreciate you guys for your support. I mean even just listening to this podcast you know.

I've been telling everyone here that's been asking me about it, I hate listening to myself speak I really do. To be honest with you know being completely honest, it is one of those anxiety points that I have in my life right. Where you know I sometimes wonder you know what I'm doing if this is you know even benefiting anybody right. but every once in a while I get feedback from folks to tell me hey you know I love what you're doing, I love the show like thank you so much and keep doing what you're doing and it just it's so inspiring. It’s so uplifting and I appreciate that so much.

So I'm going to continue to do this. I'm going to continue to do this two episodes a week right as no matter how I can. My voice is super raspy, because it's early in the morning right now. I had to do it early so I can you know make sure I can spend all day at this conference and not miss anything and you know it's fun, it really is. At the end of the day like I have so much passion in doing this because one, it's important. But two it also boosts my confidence in my real estate investing knowledge and ability right and it's one of those things you know you become more I guess firm right in your beliefs and your knowledge, the more you teach it, the more you talk about it.

So I'm super pumped to be able to you know do this and I am actually excited, a lot of excited. So Rod Khalid’s multifamily boot camp right. I'm not going to give all of it away. Because one, I don't think I should, I think you guys really should come to this event and actually you know participate. But you know I will tell you that he does a great job in deep diving all about the multifamily space right. breaking down everything from how to finance a deal, how to find deals, how to work with partners you know certain things you want to ask, you want to know about a specific partner you know before you talk to them; everything man right.

Everything about the doors right which one's perform the best, which ones don't usually you know. Just literally everything that you can think of. I've got a whole booklet here. It’s like man a half inch thick and it's just got so much knowledge inside of it and we've been going page by page. I've been taking so many notes and I've got so much you know like oh yeah I'm sorry I got so many right nuggets of wisdom that you know already that's the guy's just been dropping, which has been incredible and absolutely valuable.

It’s definitely worth the price for it. You definitely got to just come out, come out and check it out. I think he does one like every quarter you know the next one is in Tampa and I believe it's the last week of January. So I'll leave a link to rod Khalid’s website, you can go in, and you can check it out and you can see. But I am telling you can just go do it you know and even if it's not just this right you can go to other conferences from other folks. But just make sure that again you do your due diligence on that individual and you want to make sure that you know you're going to get a lot out of it.

You know go to certain like reviews and see what people are saying about the conference. You know just kind of just kind of do your homework. Do your homework on it beforehand.

Definitely recommend the Rod Khalif. Because you know he's an amazing guy, absolutely amazing guy. 

But anyway I guess that's really all I wanted to talk to you about today. I didn't have a specific lesson in mind. But I wanted to just kind of you know come up on the podcast and talk you know. I really hope that you guys you know go out and check out the book right. Because the book launched. It’s been great so far. I don't even know how many copies we've sold. But we were on the number one best seller on Amazon last I checked and we're going on the third day now, which is great.

So definitely want to go check it out man. It’s nice, it's hot and you know come out and reach out to us right on our Facebook group. It’s growing every single day. You know Instagram seems to grow as well. We’re going to start putting more of a live video presence on Instagram here soon. But we do lives you know weekly in our Facebook group, which is great. Come check out start the spark our little network that we have built specifically for you right. We do this thing called mighty networks. Mighty networks is an app that allows you to create your own social space.

So imagine creating your own Facebook essentially right or your own Facebook group but through a different platform and you know it allows you to kind of connect with your individual like market or your people. It’s awesome, so go check it out. If you go to mighty networks in your app space and you just type in hashtags about the spark all one word you'll find us and yeah just come join man, it's great. super excited to you know get to know all of you know and you know what else too, so this is something Mark Young and I were talking,  Mark Young is our CEO if you don't know Mark Young Sich, guy out from San Diego.

We were talking about this and we think we're going to start implementing calls right. Little phone calls. Maybe 15-minute phone calls you know with me you know just for folks who are listening to this podcast. you know if you are interested in and doing a 15-minute call you know just reach out to be on their Facebook group or if you're part of start to spark, reach out to me there as well and just let me know. Let me know if you're interested in it and we can set it up. I've got a calendar link.

I'll send you and then you can you know book one of the time slots that I have available. I'm assuming I might you know get a bunch of folks just coming saying hey I want to talk you know and we'll just kind of touch base right. We’ll see where you're at in your journey. You know whether you just bought a home or you're thinking about buying a home. Whether thinking about starting to invest whatever right.

Let’s just hop on a call and lets you know figure out what it is that your goals are and how we can best help you achieve those goals all right. Little 15-minute phone call absolutely free. You know just a little get-to-know-you session. I really appreciate you guys on the podcast and you taking your time you know to achieve or to learn right how to achieve that financial freedom. This is important, it absolutely is and don't let anybody ever tell you that it's not. You know that's another thing too.

All right I'm just going to touch on this real quick. But who are you listening to? Right who are you listening to? Who are you talking to? Who do you surround yourself with?  Because you got to ask yourself if people are telling you that real estate is a bad thing, all right who are they? First of all do they invest in real estate themselves? Have they ever invested in real estate themselves and if they have did they manage the properties themselves? Right where they their own landlord.

You got to ask these questions. Because an overwhelming majority of the people that talk bad about real estate have never invested or do not invest themselves, just is. It is what it is you know and it's funny because a lot of people think that oh real estate is risky, real estate is something that you shouldn't get into. What if you lose your money, what if the market goes down blah blah blah?

Listen all right there is one thing, well there are a few things certain in life right. Death and taxes; you can't avoid those things. But guess what! People also need a place to sleep, always. I don't care what happens with the market downturn. Someone is always going to need a place to lay their head, Roger you know what I mean. So it doesn't matter like and make sure your rents might go down for a little bit. Cool but guess what? They come back up right. You may experience a little bit of vacancy you know at the time.

But guess what? You have a real asset right. So when you invest your money in the stock market and it goes down less than what you spent on it, your money just went into the negative right. it didn't go to zero, it went into the negative right; you lost money and it's a paper asset so if that company went out of business, the next day after you lost money your money's gone and you're not getting it back. With real estate you're putting your money into a real tangible asset right.

So even if your home is vacant for a month, two months okay god forbid; but even if your home is vacant for two months and you are spending money on your mortgage and your expenses, guess what? You’re still building equity into your real asset. You have a bank account set up essentially right. Your house is like a bank. you know it becomes your bank at that point and all the money that you put into it, all right that's actually going into the you know the loan of the property is just building up that equity and it's gaining you interest over time and it's not just getting you interest on the amount that you're putting in if you buy a $100,000 house and it gains I don't know 30 percent in you know appreciation each year, you're getting 3 percent on that 100,000.

You’re not getting 3 percent on the little like you know top two hundred, three hundred dollars you're putting in each month for your mortgage payment, no ok. so understand that you're leveraging the bank and the money that they have, you are putting money into a bank account for you know yourself which is your home, your asset alright and you're having your tenants right, when and your property's rented pay off all your expenses and build your net worth for you over time okay your net worth is the most important thing to understand about investing. Use your assets and your liabilities.

You’re building your asset column while decreasing your liability column and as your net worth begins to grow, you begin to become more sophisticated in investing right and you understand now that your financial freedom is dependent on the difference between your assets and your liabilities right, that positive cash flow that comes in month after month. Because that's what matters. You think about your pension right.

That 20-year goal that people set for themselves in the military and then the closer they get to that's one of years the harder it gets to stay in right. but then you know if you're grandfathered into the high three then you're getting what like a half of your highest three you know paycheck. Which is okay you know maybe if you're going to stay in that long, great I hope you get it.

But understand that it doesn't take you 20 years to build twice what you are going to make in your pension if you invest in real estate all right. Let me say that again, it does not take 20 years for you to build twice the amount you would get for your pension right investing in real estate. So like think about that all right, think about it. You can do this the easy way or the hard way and I'm not saying that you don't have to, that you shouldn't serve 20 years in the military. That’s all I'm saying you know it is an honor to serve, absolutely has been right and understand that there's a lot of sacrifice that goes into it. But think about it you know, if that's your main goal right if your goal is just to get that pension so you can live out a happy life afterwards, well guess what? You’re going about it the wrong way.

If your passion is to serve and to serve until you feel like you know can't anymore, then great and you are the type of person that the military needs alright. because the military does not need a bunch of negative nancies that do nothing but put other people down right and they get mad at themselves for staying in over the hump and then they feel like they're trapped or they have to stay and you know all they do is just put other people down, I absolutely hate that. right so be  wary of that all right and understand that you know if this is what you're feeling, if this is what you're experiencing you don't have to stay in an environment that doesn't make you happy okay, you don't. You can build wealth right or build financial freedom in other ways.

But understand too that you know if you are passionate in serving, serve. But serve with the passion that you are making a difference in whatever little way you can right and then you know obviously you're listening to this you are inclined in building wealth or real estate. You know you could build your little empire on the side. You don't have to go out and be as active as really as we are you know. I mean I'll go ahead and say it yes we are very active when it comes to real estate and by us I mean our active duty passive income team.

But we're just showing you that you know this stuff is possible you know to do in you know while you're in the military you know. You don't have to be as active as we are. You can go very slowly. You know you can just move from house to house from duty station to duty station, put renters in your properties once you leave and you know you can build it that way or you can be a little more active like we are you know and that's fine. It doesn't matter. But really you know it's all about perspective.

If you think that you are way too busy that you can't do this, that you know don't have the time or life is just too crazy for you right now, what I'm telling you is you need to look at it you know from perspective. We do so much on a regular basis right, we fight casualties, we you know get into fire fights right, we get into you know whatever right. We end up flying on millions of dollars of machinery in the air or you know driving across the ocean, across the world right. I mean we do so much.

We are incredible and half of it we to on very little sleep you know. So just understand that this is not that. real estate is not like driving your you know your ship through the Suez Canal with a hundred yards to your left and your right and you have to you know drive for miles and miles on two hours of sleep right. Real estate investing is not you know getting caught in a firefight in the streets of Kabul right.

You know an IDE freaking goes off like two meters from your face you know I mean like this is not that kind of stress you know. This is not the stress of you know trying to you know fix your plane from stalling in the middle of the air right. I mean this is completely different. this is just you know find a house, buy a house put a renter in there you know and yes you'll have ups and downs in the real estate game too, it's not going to be perfect right.

You may have team members like your property manager you know that you know decides that they don't want to check your property as frequently as possible or maybe they just you know they are terrible at their job. Yeah you may have to find more people. But guess what go find more people you know the real estate will even teach you how to manage your team. You know it gives you that leadership ability if you don't.

If you are a junior enlisted and you're listening to this right now and you're thinking well I don't really have any experience in leading and managing a team, well guess what that's what real estate investing can give you. It can give you that perspective and that you know ability to learn how to do it right. You need a property manager on your side, you need a contractor on your side if you're going to get into rehabbing. You need a lender on your team right to get you the financing that you need right.

You need all these different people. But they all move when you move or when you tell them to move all right. They’re not going to do anything for you if you don't you know engage.

So it gives you that ability to go out and leave. You learn so much about yourself as a business owner. Because you really you are you starting a business at that point you know. Even if it's just for yourself or for your family right. If you are you know the military member and you know that you don't have as much time to dedicate to certain things and your spouse is not in the military or works from home, it gives you the ability to lead your family.

You can say hey babe listen I need you to you know go and read this book and implement the system for our family all right. I've already read it, I've listened to the audiobook, and it’s amazing. I need you to read too so we can get on the same page and you know we can build this legacy for our family all right, for our kids. you can get your kids involved you know and if you listen to our podcast and we've spoken about you know ways that you can you know employ your children and pay them and hide not necessarily hide, but you can you know pay them and you can yeah I guess it's hide.

I will see that right you could hide that money from your taxes right. You pay your kids I think it's up to like ten or twelve thousand now with this new tax law, pretty sure it's twelve. Twelve thousand dollars a year right. That a lot of money, that's great and if you have multiple kids right that adds up you know and you can buy them IRA's, you can buy them life insurance policy is right.  You can you know put money into and help them save for their future.

For the college or buying a property you know later on in life. You can do so much to build wealth for your family through rental real estate. But you won't do any of it unless you get educated and you take action. Those two pieces are very very critical and when that market takes a turn and it will very soon right, you will be the ones that end up on top. Because you got educated and you can take action right with the knowledge that you're getting some of the best deals on the market. Make sense? All right cool, awesome.

All right all right guys that's going to do it. Thank you so much again for listening. Really appreciate you guys and all your support. Again if you haven't picked up a copy of your military house hacking book, make sure you go to Amazon and you get it. Get the paperback, digital copy whatever it is that you need. I think we're going to work on getting in the audible version here soon. So be on lookout for that.

All right reach out to us on our Facebook group. Also hit us up on Instagram or our website If you are ready to take action and get educated; we've got a course set up for you. It’s incredible and we will mentor and guide you.

Make sure you go check it out on a webpage and go sign up for the course. It is amazing and guess what you're going to need it soon here alright. Hope you guys are doing well. I got to get back to this conference, thanks so much for your time, later.  


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