ADPI_035: Interview With Bigger Pockets Legend Nathan Brooks

Oct 20, 2018

Episode Transcription:

Hey what's going on guys welcome to the active duty passive income podcast.

Today’s episode is going to be so epic. We have an interview with none other than Nathan Brooks. If you have heard that name before, you might have heard him on Bigger Pockets podcast. He’s been on there not once, not twice but three times. It’s crazy. Anyway before we get into that I need you guys to text house hacking, all one word right. House hacking to 345345 okay.

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Hey freedom fighters welcome to the active duty passive income podcast. The only place where military members, veterans and their families learn how to build wealth through real estate investing. I'm your host Mike Foster and I'm here to show you how to stop wasting your benefits. Now get off your ass, step up to the firing line and make ready for today's lesson. Shooter stand by.

Mike: Hey hey what's going on guys welcome to the active duty passive income podcast. I am literally at the edge of my seat right now. I'm so excited. I'm about to interview Nathan Brooks here. He is the CEO of bridge turnkey. He’s a father, he's a husband. He’s got so much stuff going on. He’s got amazing things to share.  He also a real estate investor. So Nathan what's going on man?  

Nathan: Mike thank you so much having me on this podcast. I love what you guys are doing and it's a great pleasure and honor to be able to join you on this podcast and talk some real estate.  

Mike: Yeah we're super excited. Hey real quick so you were on the Bigger Pockets podcast right?  

Nathan: Yes sir, I've actually been on three times.  

Mike: Three times.  

Nathan: Yes I think there's a couple of us four or five, I think it was 87, 159 and two something. I can't remember the other one.  

Mike: Oh man well I'm definitely going to link as many of them as I can find about you there. Because the guys this dude has so much wisdom. It’s amazing, I can't wait to deep dive in this interview. But thank you so much for taking your time and coming on our podcast. I mean I feel selfish. Because I get to ask you some of these questions. But I'm also excited, because our listeners get to hear you and it's great. 

Nathan: Well I'm pumped about it too and I really appreciate it and I love what you guys are doing in both in education and helping service members and thank you for your service as well.  

Mike: Thank you thank you so much, appreciate it. So tell us a little bit about yourself you know a little about your background and how you got started in investing.  

Nathan: Yep so I've been doing real estate for a little over 11 years at this point and got started you know by accident. I was excited, I was listening you know that all these people buying and selling real estate and you know TV programs or whatever and literally sitting in a restaurant with my wife, who we overhear this conversation about investing in real estate and literally you know talk to like the booth you know across the way and as you know I typically opened my big mouth and do and just started talking to this guy and like a month and a half later Here I am first day I bought a house, I bought two.

They were a complete disaster. The quote-unquote business partner was terrible. I bought more houses and screwed up everything I could possibly screw up. I had no idea what I was doing, no vision for what the problem I was solving. No you know clear goals or expectations. So didn’t know how to comp a property. You know pretty much all of the things that you shouldn't do and I did them all.  I'm sure there's maybe some out there that I haven't you know break the law and thankfully didn't do that.

But you know it all crashed and burned in December of 09 and my wife and I went through bankruptcy and miscarriage in December of 09 and literally lost everything you know chapter 13 and amen you know so we had a decision to make and we had to say are we going to take the lessons of the loss and pain and frustration or are we going to you know push our chips in and well if we are to push our chips and are we going to quit the game right?

And so you know it was a tough decision to make and but ultimately you know we decided to get back after it. I really wanted to, I am NOT a quitter. I like to win. So I was not willing to accept that outcome. So then we started a do over.  

Mike: All right and you guys were successful. So you know that's awesome. You know real testament to your fortitude. That’s crazy.  

Nathan: There's perseverance for sure and you know even now you know we have a much bigger business and doing you know doing well. but you know there's always challenges, always problems at every level every opportunity and so you know I always you know just thinking about exchanging the current problems for better problems and then you know as you grow a team too and having people you know make sure that they understand what the goals actually are right and so that was one of those things early on where I was it was just that ready  fire aim versus ready aim fire and more clear I became on my target, the more clear I was able to explain that and you know then as a company and our target, in our culture then you know the more clear I was able to help see that come to fruition if that makes sense.  

Mike: Yeah makes plenty sense and you got to know exactly what you're looking at right. I mean you said it yourself and you started you had really no goals and no vision. But I'm sure you know going through that foreclosure and whatnot right I'm sure that like helped you see a lot clearer. Like this is where I don't want to be. So this is where we need to go right.  

Nathan: Absolutely it's a miserable experience. but you know out of those things like you said you know are you going to persevere through it or are you going to you know quit not get back after it and then, of course, you have to learn the lessons from those things too.  

Mike: Very true. Do you mind just kind of go into a little bit of that foreclosure process. You know I think that you know this is something that everyone fears.  It’s definitely not something that if people want to go into knowing that fail. But once you demystify some of the craziness behind it, you know I think it allows a little more clarity in that light.  Do you mind shedding some light to that?  

Nathan: Sure well there's the bankruptcy portion and then foreclosure obviously of actually having a house foreclosed on. We fortunately didn't have the actual foreclosure happened. Because we ended up having the house in bankruptcy. So I'm not an attorney finding means. but basically there's you know chapter 7 and chapter 13 on the personal side and then there's a chapter 11 which is business and so chapter 7 is like there's parts and pieces that are put in there and there's typically a payment plan.

Like I said I'm not an attorney, I don't know specifically. But when we got we filed chapter 13. Which is literally everything and so you literally sit in front of you know attorney; you go through everything that you own. all of the assets that we own multiple you know properties at that time and they want to know how much they can collect on the debt that you have and then you go sit in front of a trustee with me and my wife; which is absolutely one of the most awful experiences ever and they basically try to figure out where your you know in any assets maybe you're hiding or you haven't disclosed or you haven't you know been honest about it and sit there and they go through all of your stuff in front of you know however many people are behind you. So it's a miserable experience, no doubt about it.  

Mike: I believe that, I believe that. But you guys were able to persevere through it and that's again speaks volumes to your fortitude. So that's awesome man.

Nathan: You just have to get back up right.  

Mike: Got to get back up, got to get back up, that's awesome. So what were the kind of the building blocks that you used to get yourself to you know obviously where you are now? But even to a level where you felt like you're above water. You finally had your head above water.

Nathan: You know that we had have some income coming back in and stabilizing some of that and then you know as far as just picking your own self up off the floor you know and there's a lot of emotional damage that can go through an experience like that in deciding that you know naming the emotion which has been fear and embarrassment. Some of those things that are associated with that experience.

Then also saying okay well I am NOT this, I've experienced this, now I have a choice to make. So you know for me it took me a couple years and being told dozens of times no to get another property funded and that person's become a mentor in my life and he had an incredible business and you know I've looked up to him and called him and talked to him about problems and this is somebody I literally had seen and I saw his business, I saw that he was successful and I reached out to him and harassed him frankly until he would let me take him to lunch.

I remember sitting there and him ordering like jumbo eye or something and I remember is like 16 bucks and ordered like a six dollar meal, because I was broke. you know I'm terrified about how much the bill is going to be and you know I just remember him kind of laying out, like here's tools on my business and I make money from a brokerage and I make money from a real estate agents and I make money for my rentals and my flips and you know I'm just like and you know it was kind of a neat moment.

Because probably the last six months I had a conversation with him and we don't talk that often. But he was like you know Nathan your business is actually bigger than mine now. You realize that right? It’s like you don't have to call me.  

Mike: That’s incredible man. That’s got to be such a weird feeling too. 

Nathan: It is totally weird feeling. but you know at the same, enough for a second am I going to let myself kid myself that you know just because we can flip a hundred houses in a year or we have multiple employees or any of this stuff you know or CEOs behind my name, it doesn't mean anything if I don't go do something about it you know and we're not helping our clients every single day. 

But it's been a really incredible journey you know and this person you know even was the first funder of my first rental property. So I got a 50% loan at you know 10 or 12 percent or whatever was and so I finally got back on the train. But this guy really it wasn't just about that property. 

Mike: Right right. Wow man that's motivating as heck. That’s crazy and so here you are now. You know a product of your success. Which you know is amazing. So at that point right where you felt like you were above water, like what did it look like? Did you have a few properties or was you know the business finally operating how you would envision? Like what did it look like

Nathan: You know I think it's always feels like you haven't achieved something looking forward and looking back it's a perception of like wow that wasn't that bad or we actually started doing a little bit better. so I think for me it was you know buying a couple of properties, buying a couple more, getting some joint venture deals going a couple of them failed miserably. A couple of them are really successful. I still own you know eight or ten houses from that time when I was buying you know in that post-bankruptcy.

I don't really think about it in those terms anymore. but t definitely was, it was still learning and here's the other thing that I still didn't really understand my personality in my what I call in my business my superpower and so I was still operating under false assumptions of the way that I could run my business and the way I could do business and so as I started to understand my personality through things like a disc profile and self-assessments and stuff like that, I also start to understand oh well no wonder I'm terrible at details.

Everything in my personality says you're not going to do them. Hey well what a novel idea.  yeah so you know when I put myself in a position where I'm responsible to you know manage a bunch of details or something like that and if you're listening you know doing a disc profile, all you have to do is Google Tony Robbins disc and it's free and you can go through that and kind of understand what type of person you are or if you're leading a team.

You know we've had all of our staff do them as well and so all of a sudden you can start speaking to the people who you're talking with or like my spouse my wife did it too. so we can you know look at it and actually say okay well hey Mike I understand this is your personality and so I'm asking you to do something that is against what your natural skills and abilities are and so the more I started sitting in my super power building relationships, understanding how to put deals together, you know setting vision, creating culture in my business; then the more successful I was able to see all those things you know all those little cogs.

I'm a huge watch guy. so you think about you know you have all of the components of a watch and you have to have all of them moving in sync, otherwise the watch doesn't want run right.  

Mike: It's very true.  

Nathan: So you know what kind of watch you want? How sophisticated is it? you know the more you know it's called movement, the movement of the watch and so you know as your success grew my movement had to get, had to grow with it and so the more I sat in that right spot in that watch and the more that all you know all of our people on our team sat in it. then that's when I started to be able to see the growth or you know feel above water and also just being clear on like what's my goal, well how many houses are we doing, what kind of income do I want to make, how many properties do I want to own, what is my goal for 2018, what is my goal for quarter for 2018.

You know and then just kind of then putting the lens further out. Say okay well you know what does 2019 look like? What is our you know top-line revenue goal? What is our you know overall production goal and then this is the key too. If it's not for the client and it's not wholeheartedly true for them outside of the money part, then it doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter.

Because we're not solving a money problem right. we're solving a people problem and so you know the more clear we are and then how we serve our client, then the more clear all those things, all those people, all that you know everything we just talked about becomes that much more clear.  

Mike: Right. Wow man that is epic that is in point. That motivated me man.  I really like what you just said. Because you broke it down and it's actually touching me in a place you know my life. So I'm in this weird transition point now where I'm now getting out of the Navy soon and moving on to something. But you're right you know it's you got to focus on the people first. Because that's where you know the money will come eventually. But that's where the problem lies.  

Nathan: It is and then you know the other thing is that there's joy in the midst of it too and it's so easy and I'm not saying I don't get wrapped up in the money part too. I think everybody does. Because there's certain things we desire, certain things that we want or you know I know for me I was highly motivated to get my wife home and we homeschool our kids and you know I find joy in and pride in being the you know breadwinner so to speak and not trying to create any chaos on that. Not a political statement.

It's a purpose for me and my household and I know that you know the more that I can help build and create opportunities for you know people on our team and they're successful and I'm successful and then we create opportunities for our clients and you know like the guys overseas, I cannot tell you how happy I am when I hear about folks who are serving the country in the military. I mean talk about a selfless job right and then being able to help bring you know their hard-earned dollars into things that will help create wealth for them and their children and their wives or spouses you know at home and so that's what it's about right.

Then you get to actually see it come to fruition and then all of those things, all those actions you know they naturally create income and revenue and all these things that off of what was most important.  

Mike: Right man, yeah absolutely. That’s crazy. But you know you're right man it all comes together like that Cog you know like cog in the wheel just like you said.  All right thanks so much man for that insight. Really do appreciate it. I want to switch gears now and just talk a little bit about you know bridge what you're doing and then also want to deep dive turnkey investing.

Because I don't think that that's something that we do I guess a good enough to emphasis on, it can be a really really good way for folks who aren't I guess as educated in the game to just get started and work their way up. But yeah can you tell us a little bit about what you do with bridge and just kind of dissecting turnkeys a little bit.  

Nathan: Absolutely. So I'll start with the first one. So what are we doing?  we are a turnkey company and we provide our clients with a truly a turnkey experience and the process and the way that we run it now has come through you know scopes of our doing and various you know issues we've caused ourselves or processes that we put in place that we didn't really understand the outcome and so you know what we do now is we, what a turnkey property to bridge is a home that has been purchased, it's been renovated, it's been inspected.

So we already pre inspect it, we have a list of all the inspection items, we provide pictures of whatever repairs were made.  We lease the property rather and then we sell it to our client. So that the first time the client actually sees that property, it's been you know Construction is already done, inspections already done and then the properties already leased. So it is actually cash flowing on day one.  you know in like I said we've screwed it up a number of times in a number of different ways in you know we used to sell them literally like I would be off the phone have it under contract before you know I even own it and I'm calling a client like we got something.

You know don't do that, it is not a good idea and so we've also standardized our construction as well. So we provide the scope of work of that project as well. So the client literally gets to see you know after you know completion pictures the lease of the tenant, the scope of work, inspection and all of that is in our diligence folder when we send out those properties when they're first available.  

Mike: Wow okay and do you take your customers I guess right through the process while they have identified that they want one or you just wait until everything is completely done tenants in and then you've just given that package, so they can go back and reference what happened.  

Nathan: So the client doesn't even see a property available until all that's done.  

Mike: All of its done okay.  

Nathan: All is done. it is that way like if you might for the client then you know you would see the email or on the website and you'd see this property available and you'd say okay sweet once you through Main Street I really like it, that's in the criteria I was thinking about spending or you know whatever the things are important to you and then so you'd say hey guys you know raise your hand, I'll take it.

Mike: Now that makes sense that makes a lot of sense you know. I mean everything is turnkey at that point. So people who are ready on their side with financing and guys already on your side just hand the property over.  

Nathan: Yes and I cannot overstate enough how important that change was. Because you know we would pay rent concessions if the tenant wasn't placed and you know we would have issues and we would do that. Because we want it to be a turnkey experience. But it still wasn't the same.  

Mike: And it takes money from the business.  

Nathan: It takes money from the business and it's also not the best experience for the client and so we decided to do that and then so we give them the scope of work and we also give them a 12 month warranty on the scope of work. So you know if there's you know like I'll give an example, we've had a ton of rain in Kansas City you know so a piece of flashing leeks and there's a roof leak or something. you know if we would put that roof on, we're going to go past that you know roof we're going to go fix it and we're going to you know fix the shoe rock or whatever inside.

so it's our responsibility and we want that client to just know that hey we have skin in the game on this too and we want to make sure that is the experience that you have and it's one thing to have regular maintenance stuff right. But you know anything that was in our scope of work or something that we screwed up, then we are fixing it.  

Mike: Absolutely man that's great. That is awesome man and that's really good. Because I think that speeds to your integrity to you know. I mean I've heard horror stories with turnkey rental companies that'll just give people you know the property and then that's kind of like that's it.  They wash their hands of it and it's like now it's your problem.  

Nathan: No you know and we've had a couple that haven't gone very well. But it's like hey I know you're going to screw up you know and when we tell our clients listen we blow it sometimes, it's going to happen right and I don't want it to happen. I like to win, I'm a perfectionist, and I want it to be right all the time. But it's going to happen.

So instead of us talking and acting like there's nothing ever that happens, let's actually talk about what happens after that and so then it's like well you know either way I'm going to be transparent that this was the issue and then more importantly, we're on offense and we're going to solve it. So that's it right and if you're honest about it, you're transparent about it and you know we try to set it up from the very beginning.

So that it's so clear what you're getting into. You have you know pictures to actually look at. You have an inspection report and repair list actually to look at with a picture of every single item that was repaired in and so at least going into it, we can know that there's a transparent you know clear opportunity to understand exactly what you're getting.  

Mike: Right. So you know perfect segue too. What are the most common problems that you see you know whether it's you know with the process or with the properties or whatever, I mean I don't know. Like what are the most commonalities that you run into.  

Nathan: Honestly the biggest problem we've had is having enough houses to sell. That’s been the biggest problem. So it's been a real stunted of our ability to you know we bring somebody in, we onboard them, they're excited. You know hey Mike so nice to meet you, thank you for your service. You know this is our business, this is who we are. You’re like sweet man, this sounds great you know where do I sign? I am like well nowhere. I don’t have anything to sell you.  

Mike: It's a good and bad problem to have you know.  

Nathan: I know it's painful and not to say there haven't been some problems and challenges in the construction like I said. I mean there's definitely have been.  That’s an always something we're working on. You know that's what we're working on right now too. Just further clarifying our scopes and our processes and the management of those jobs in the field. Clarity of the guys who are running those jobs, both on my staff as well as on the contractors in the field you know swinging hammers.

You know that's definitely one area that we've focused on as well and then you know we're looking to be on more on offense as we look into 2019. because we actually have some really cool things starting to come up and actually I was you know telling you before we're rolling live and so we have two new markets actually that we're rolling out in 2019 and even you know potentially prior to 2019 and so I'm so excited. Because we've been able to take all the things we screwed up and all the things we've done well.

All the opportunities, all the stories, all the you know clients and everybody that we've gotten to work with over the last three years and put that into something that was scalable that we already understood. We were clear on our target, clear enough focus, clear on the outcome of the project and that we could actually deliver something of value and start to come much closer to meeting the demand of helping our clients achieve their goals.  

Mike: Right that's awesome man and I'm assuming these markets are secret so far right until they launch?  

Nathan: They are secret so far. I can mention one of the two. One we're still working through. But where we have one in Pennsylvania and one in southern US also say and so we will literally be able to hit you know three really cool markets. There will be you know potentially a hundred units out of each of them in 2019.  Year so it's legitimately you know and legitimately an incredible opportunity both for us, bridge and also just serving our clients and helping you know our tagline is building wealth and freedom through all estate and you know we can two or three X our opportunity to do that for our clients. So it's awesome.  

Mike: That's exciting, that is really exciting. I can't wait to hear about that. So you're looking closely and listeners out there you guys should be looking closely too. You know I mean turnkey is a great way to start if you don't really know so much. I mean it's important that you get educated, absolutely got to stress that. you know but at the same time too you know if you're one of those you know fire like you know educate yourself a little bit, fire right now and then maybe learn on the way; turnkey deal can be a great deal to get started.  

Nathan: Absolutely and another kind of cool part of that is there's military you know bases and folks in both of these areas. So there's a strong contingent of folks in those areas anyway. so you know so that's pretty cool and an extra connection in you know to your point about the investing, I think you know and for new people and you know accomplished investors; turnkey you know might not be the thing and it might be and I think it's important to understand that you know you're paying, in our case you're paying basically retail for a property.

But you're paying to know that the things that are done right. the first time you're paying for a reputable company with integrity like you said that and it's not just me there's lots of great turnkey companies out there and I know that if your goal is to not swing a hammer or you don't understand that or you don't want to solve that or you're in you know Dubai, you know in the military deployment, then you're not solving that problem right now as bad as you want to and you know obviously you could put the other crews and all these sort of saying things.

But you know it's pretty cool when we know that hey there's so many benefits and by the way no matter what your political affiliation is, there's some incredible real estate benefits right now for buying in the next several years and so there's an incredible tax savings with putting your money into real estate and you know whether it's true you know Carnegie or you know all of the tycoons of however many years you know real estate has been one of those things that every generation and every wealthy family that we can think of you know, it's been a huge part of their wealth and their family you know growing that wealth and their legacy. So it's pretty cool.  

Mike: Exactly. I agree 100% man. It’s one of the oldest wealth building tools that's out there.  

Nathan: Exactly.  

Mike: That's amazing man. So one last question and I think it's kind of goes back to your term on markets. How one and maybe this question can is for more of our advanced investors out there that might be listening. But how do you determine a good market to enter?

Nathan: That's a great question. so you know a couple of things that I was thinking about and our team was thinking about as we were looking at multiple markets was you know how similar to our avatar if you will. so what did the avatar of the property that we've buying, renovating, leasing and selling in Kansas City, how close that avatar can we get in other markets and replicate that and so you know for us when we looked at it, like does the house actually look like a house we've sold?

You know if you have something that's totally different, totally out of the norm of what we've sold we really didn't want to do that. Because we didn't necessarily understand the construction, we didn't necessarily understand you know who the tenant base for that would be. So we wanted to look and feel natural right and then the second would be you had to have similar financials.

So we wanted to look at the tax rates, we wanted to look at what the property management costs were, we wanted to look at the placement of those tenants, one of the stability of a property management company that was at scale and could operate well. We wanted construction operations and management that this could scale and understood the outcome in our you know not just that scale, but they're culturally in alignment too and that they want to have a product that's of the same quality.

You know we talked about on time quality and budget within our organization. We talked about the quality and you know giving that that product to our clients in a way that it's actually what we wanted to be and so we have to look at all those things and make sure at the end of the day, it's a house people want to buy right.  So even if it looks sexy on paper, if you look at the picture and it's ugly and has no curb appeal and it said you know whatever people still aren't going to buy it.

So we kind of had to look at all those factors from you know construction, management you know what the house looks like and feel. Is it is it in alignment with our other stuff and then you know are people going to buy it.

Mike: That's a great man thank you so much absolutely and definitely something for our advanced investors out there who may be thinking about doing something like it or even just entering in to a new market in general. I think it’s great, that's great.

Nathan: Well then the other cool part about it is for like say an investor, we have a lot of our investors who make you know a great living. But they just don't want to go out and try to do all that stuff themselves. They just want to buy the house right. so we see all the time where you know by us having a couple different markets now, you might want to diversify say five in Kansas City you know in five another market five another market or whatever and now we can actually provide that versus having to send you to a competitor, we can actually you know help you with that and provide an opportunity to scale and grow with us too.

Mike: There you go. Yeah exactly and it's really good I think probably for return customers right. Because you know you build the relationship with them almost. You almost kind of know what they're looking forward too. That’s good, that's awesome. That’s awesome man. Thank you so much for all the Nuggets that you've given us with this. This has been amazing. Yeah and I got to say I mean I said it earlier, I'll say it again you know a testament to your fortitude. We haven't gone through what you went through and now where you're at now and where you're going. Yeah I think that's even bigger and more exciting. So I feel honored you know to be here sitting talking to you and asking you these questions and I hope our listeners out there taking notes. Because you know this is incredible.

Nathan: Well thanks for having me on, its real pleasure man. I do appreciate it.

Mike: Yeah and now I got to take you through our bonus round all right. I don't want to be remiss here in my duties. So I want to make sure that you know we can at least get to know you a little more on a personal level. So question number one for you of three.  Question number one, okay what is your favorite book?

Nathan: Okay well I have a number of favorite books and I talk about them all the time that I have on my desk and literally actually reading with my team right now. So I'm going to hold it up extreme ownership, Jake Willing. I love this book. I think there's so many amazing nuggets in it to use your language and I love how they wrote it too. 

It goes from war story principle and then business application and so we've sat down with our team and literally reading through this book chapter by chapter and applying it to our business and so you know even if you're non-military person, there's so much in this and if you are a military person and have no experience in business; it's great you know and so it's just I've just really enjoyed the book and it's been a big impact for me personally and all my business.

Mike: Awesome awesome there you go and yeah definitely a good book. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I haven't read it yet myself.

Nathan: Jakko and his co-author Lief were you know both Navy SEALs and jackko was a Navy SEAL commander and holy cow man their stories are awesome and they are the real deal.

Mike: I believe it. I believe it. I'm looking forward to that one. That’s why I love asking that question too. Because you know I hear all these awesome books I haven't heard about before and boom it's on my list. I'll be asking you questions about it when I read it. Amazing alright cool. So second question. Who is your favorite hero and why?

Nathan: My favorite hero you know I don't necessarily have a ton of heroes. I've had mentors in my life. So you know like the guy I told you about. So I don't know if I'd call him a hero. But he was an inspiration for me. I also think about guys like Warren Buffett who you know if I'm to remember I think its called snowball or something like that.  He’s never written a book.

But I've read a number of books about him. kind of listening to his story and how he grew up in how we built this incredible business and you know instead of like buying businesses and tearing them apart, he's really helped investors grow their businesses and you know he started really early on.

He called them cigar butts was what he used to call them these little businesses that were you know crappy little businesses and so he could see the value that others couldn't and he did it go growing people's money who were close to him and then he was just incredible at seeing things that other people couldn't see and you know even as he's aged and build a business, he's still just humble and helpful and an incredible mentor, leader, business you know owner and clearly you know one of the most successful financially guys on the planet. So I really like him too.

Mike: That's awesome man, that's inspiring. I am going to read some of that stuff from him too.  I've never seen Warren Buffett in that light. You’re the first person that I'm actually told me that.

Nathan: So I was literally in Honduras and on the flight out every night there and on the flight back trying to you know take down this book. But it's awesome, it's an awesome book.

Mike: All right and then the last question and you've already given us a bunch of nuggets of wisdom already. But if you had to limit to three, what nuggets would you give to those who are just getting started?

Nathan: You know I think it's so important to identify what your actual goal is and why. Like what's the motivation behind it. so it has to be clear enough and it has to be something that you want bad enough that you're going to go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it and you're going to do something about it and you know if it's not then you do not have the right goal and it has to almost be obsession level. You know some people are wired differently.

But I think that a lot of times people, there's so many cool things in real estate. There’s wholesaling, and there's notes and there's fix them flip, there's turnkey, there's you know all kinds of different cool stuff and the fact is there's a million ways to do it. None of that matters if you're not excited about it. So that's number one and then I think number two would be you know I train mixed martial arts and I'm trained for a couple years now and like things I talk about with my coach is being comfortable in the uncomfortable and you know these things take time and they take energy and they take growth and they take revision and they take you know tweaking and molding you know and just getting into something and so you know I remember the first couple days he would tell me like one combination like you know one two you know one two kick and that these things would just fry my brain just trying to understand.

He's like listen Nathan one of these days I'm going to tell you five or ten combinations at once and you can just you know bang them out and now I can do that you know and there's still stuff that's hard.

But you know it's harder. Because now it's you know five or ten combinations that are different that I've never done before. In Real Estate's the same way. So you cannot start being all of those things whole seller you know turnkey if you fix and flip whatever. You have to learn one and commit yourself to actually understanding it. because yes in my business I do wholesale, I do turnkey, I do retail fix and flip, I have Realtors on my team, I have buying holds, I have all you know almost all of those things you could name off. I have you know notes that I've you know funded for other folks in my you know IRAs'.

There’s a bajillion ways to do it. But I had to learn each one of them and don't be afraid to wait on another one right. It’s not the analysis paralysis. So we don't want to have analysis paralysis. We want to have a clear you know path in the strategic realm of what we want and then we have tactical steps that we actually take to executing. That might have been like fifty two and one.

Mike: That was really good. I mean it all centered on the same thing. I get it, just patience you know. Just like you said you've got to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and while you're trying to you know cherry-pick all these different little things with avenues right, you got a be slow, be methodical, learn something first before you pray each other the next one.

Nathan: Yep and then I think the third is relax, enjoy the journey. because you know every place you're on whether you're making you know thousand bucks a month or a hundred thousand bucks a month or you know way more than that; it's so easy to get stuck in feeling sorry for yourself or you see you know somebody buying a giant house or has owns a hundred houses or whatever you know and we don't sit back and say man this is pretty good right now and just appreciate that and you know go home and kiss your wife and kiss your kids and you know husband whatever it is, a home you have that's important to you; go tell them that you know and don't let all of the things that are external get in the way of the things that.

Mike: That is so true man. Thank you, that is powerful, that is powerful. Guys if you are like driving right now, great as soon as you park rewind this and go back and listen to that stuff. Cause that it is amazing man. I really I feel this spiritual connection. Because a lot of times you know when I'm talking to folks it's weird. Because I hear things that are exactly what I need to hear and man those nuggets are amazing. So I'm thankful for it.

Thank you so much for them and even though you know I've already started you know they still apply to me and I think they apply to everyone out there. No matter what stage in the game you're in. so that's awesome, thank you.

Nathan: Thank you. Thanks for having me on man.

Mike: Thank you that's great. Is there anything that you want to say that you haven't said to the folks out there?

Nathan: Just people want to connect you can connect with me on Facebook, just Nathan Brooks and you know if we could be of service. Are you looking for you know investment properties from the turnkey side? you know like I said we'd love to help you you know or hit us up on Facebook and you know it would be our great pleasure to help you know set your goals and some of those things we've talked about, what your you know twelve months goal is or you know what you're looking at and then also what's your long-term and so we hear all kinds of cool stories whether it's you know hoping you know your children you know put them through school or getting your wife home from work or you know having a X number of dollars a month in passive income. Like we just love helping build those ideas into actual you know steps to plan that and so that's what's so fun for us is we get to really actually see it happen in real life in real time for people.

Mike: Awesome man that's incredible. Nathan thank you so much man for your time. This was amazing. Absolutely awesome and yeah guys make sure you guys reach out to him. I'll have all those ways you can connect with Nathan and bridge turnkey in the show notes as well as that disc profile that you mentioned from Tony Robbins. I'll definitely look that up. Put that in the show notes as well and yeah it's been great thanks again.

Nathan: Thank you.

Wow humbled. That’s all I can really say guys. I am absolutely humbled to be doing this. Man I'm telling you this is probably one of the better things that I get to do in life. Just be able to share this wisdom with you all. I really hope that you guys are taking a lot from it. please please please go out and connect with our community if you haven't.

You’d already know the ways you can hit us up. Facebook, Integra, check out our website; If you are looking for help on getting started, we have a course set up. Also join our start the SPARK community. If you haven't we have our own network set aside where we can build, connect and mentor you all. You got to be a part of it all right.

Like I said in the beginning text house hacking to 345345 so you can get information on all the exciting things that are coming out in the ADPI community straight to your phone. All right later.



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