ADPI Press Release: Active Duty Passive Income Donates Home for Vets

Oct 22, 2020

Active Duty Passive Income Donates Home for Vets

October 22, 2020                                        

In December 2019, ADPI Co-Founder Eric Upchurch was speaking at real estate investing meetup in Kansas City, hosted by prominent and nationally expanding turnkey provider, Bridge Turnkey Investments. The focus of his talk was on service; service to country, community and to each other. 

It was there, Eric was inspired to commit to donating a home to homeless veterans. It was there, Bridge CEO Nathan Brooks coincidentally introduced him to Kansas City-based non-profit, Veterans Community project (VCP). 

On that trip, before flying back to California, Eric contacted the non-profit to see how ADPI could get involved. Now armed with a plan, the ADPI team could get to work – to change the lives of dozens of veterans who need it most.

Fast forward to today…Active Duty Passive Income is proud to announce that ADPI members, family and friends have collectively raised over $35,000 to build and donate a tiny home that will serve dozens of homeless veterans and their families for years to come. 

VCP has successfully proven their model in KC with 49 tiny homes, an on-site 5,000 square foot Community Center and a local VCP Outreach Center in town that welcomes dozens of daily veteran walk-ins; aiding vets with everything from job placement, to PTSD therapy referrals, to rental assistance and resources.

Since last December, and with the help of ADPI and its amazing veteran community, VCP has now expanded to Longmont, Colorado near Denver, Tulsa, Oklahoma and St. Louis, Missouri. There are also 3,000 more cities in the US that have contacted VCP with eagerness to apply the model.
The ADPI team would like to thank every community member, family member and friend who contributed to this cause. 

Eric, his wife and two sons plan to travel to Colorado this Spring to help build the tiny homes with VCP and to determine how to make an even bigger impact. After all, at very least, our brothers- and sisters-in-arms deserve a roof over their heads!

Together, we will end veteran homelessness this decade. Thank you for the support, ADPI!!! Such an amazing community of veterans!

If you know someone who would like to contribute in any way, please contact [email protected] for more information.


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