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ADPI_081: Passive Real Estate Investing With Marco Santarelli

Apr 26, 2019

Episode Transcription:




Hey guys what's happening? Welcome to the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. Today's episode is absolutely amazing, so I'm not going to take too much time to get there… but I want to give a quick thanks and a shout out to all those who came to our first military house hacking seminar on Friday.  It was absolutely amazing what a blast there was so much, so much learned, I think, by all there and it was a good time. We tried to live stream it unfortunately we could not. So we promise we'll get those fixed, hopefully by the next one if not by you know mid, the one after that, but we're definitely going to figure that out. Outside of that though, we are definitely excited to do more of these and we are hoping to branch out so if you are wanting to host one of these in your area, I would absolutely love to travel out to come see you and put one on so definitely reach out to my sister. I'm going to put her email in the show...

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