ADPI Saves One Life: Life with Invisible Wounds

Nov 03, 2019

Life with Invisible Wounds

Invisible Wounds Are Undefined

More often than not, we go through life thinking that we have absolute control. Not many people believe that there is a way out when it comes to mental illness, especially when the stigma is out there loud and clear, almost like it is screaming at you. That stigma has many confused and blinded on the definition of mental illness. When we try and describe our “disability”, many automatically think that it has to do with our outer core. They start looking for a broken bone. They don’t realize that it is our inner core that is a little shattered; those invisible wounds. We did not choose what happened to us. We didn’t choose the nightmares, the out of control tears, the trigger. We did not choose this life. 

Be Careful With Your Words

I am here to tell you to always be cognizant of your words. You never know who you can hurt. Someone somewhere is going through something that we do not always know about. As a person who has been through several incidents of assault and trauma, I now choose to live with PTSD, anxiety, and depression instead of suffering from it. I will not let it define who I am as a person - I am a mother, daughter, sister, veteran and military spouse. I have so much more to live for. I am here as a fighter and an advocate to help others know that they are not alone. Whether it be other veterans, spouses, or civilians, I am also an advocate for the children. Our children also live with the invisible wounds. They do not know how to control those feelings and either lash out or shut down. Be careful how you treat people, we are all going through something that we have hidden inside. 

The Life We Live

This life is not easy but with the right steps, we can live it together. I help those with invisible wounds find ways to try and live as close to a normal life as possible. I have been in that dark place where I thought my family would be better off without me. I have been in a place where I didn’t want to hurt anymore. After my many attempts with fate and God, I am still here. He kept me, us, here for a reason because our story is not over yet. 

I am here to show you ways to believe in yourself and to prove to yourself that you can beat this. No, it may never go away, but as soon as you can make the choice to keep living, then all else will fall into place. 

Through the many resources provided by A Wild Ride Called Life and the BEE Daring Foundation, anything is possible. Follow us to learn more about our stories and how we have chosen to give back. 

Annette Whittenberger

CEO, A Wild Ride Called Life, LLC


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